Transistor OST- We All Become, In Circles, The Spine, Smoke Signals, Paper Boats

Transistor is a story-driven, linear experience that boasts a soulful blend of action-RPG and isomorphic hack-and-slash. Beautiful graphics and the alluring, lullaby soundscape create a marvelously intriguing atmosphere that is sure to appeal to nearly any gamer. The narrative is interesting, but doesn’t explain everything and leaves a lot of room for interpretation.

The composer of the original soundtrack is Darren Korb who also composed the soundtrack for SuperGiants previous game Bastion. With the help of singers Ashleys Barrets(who also was the voice actor for the games main character Red) voice Darren Korb was able to produce yet again music pieces which touched peoples emotions while playing the game.

The vocal pieces in the sountrack personally has the bigegst „kick“ in remembering the moments in game that makes you feel melacholic towards the characters and get emotionally invested with the game and keep wanting to know more how the storyline is going to continue.

Little confession that even before playing the game I fell in love with the sountrack and thats what drove me into playing it for mutilple times, falling in love with the characters and doing my best in fights with monsters along the way of the storyline.

The music by Darren Korb was produced by using :bass, keys, drums, guitar, electric guitars, harps, accordions, mandolins, electric piano, and synth pads.


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