Importance of sound in games

Game ambient is one of the most important part in any genre of modern games  would it be a survival games like “The Forest”,”H1Z1″ or horror type games (which highly rely on ambient sounds and jump-scares) like “Amnesia: the Dark Descent” “Five nights at Freddie’s” ,game ambiance and the main soundtrack allows the player to immerse himself more into the game and “feel” it with the help of surrounding sounds. Some developers use ambiance as a way to possibly warn players about upcoming dangers if it’s a horror type game, others try as realistically as possible to portray the environment of a game for example a crowded city or a peaceful forest. By putting such details into games players are more likely to enjoy it and be personally invested in the game.

Fallout 3


Fallout 3 may be closing in on being 10 years old but will not be forgotten by Bethesda fans even after the recent Fallout 4 release. This vast open-world role-playing and set a high score to beat in the game industry , setting an example of a game which is rich with funny dialogues and old music to liven up the dead wastelands.
As much as blowing up Megaton is fun and lowers your karma sadly the role-play elements is not the only thing that makes Fallout a great game and franchise, the music immerses the players for his/her journey . Through out the course of the whole game there is music which people fell in love with , the ambiance of the game  and Galaxy news radio tracks .

The ambiance for this game was composed by Inon Zur who over his lifetime created music for over 40 games, multiple television shows and movies.He was also featured in Fallout 4 as the games music composer ,conductor which will let people imply that the soundtrack and ambiances of the game will help them immerse themselves into an extensive game-play.As Inon Zur mentioned about his tracks that he wanted to “give them (the players) the ambiance and the weird decadence plus an almost low-fi sound, but also bring up some more dramatic, orchestral elements with it when needed.” .

Creating a range from calm elevator music to exciting and yet scary tracks when you’re fighting a Deatclaw shows how Inon Zur was able to create the post-apocalyptic feel to the game with music alone, making it more enjoyable. In turn the music calmed the players when they were jut exploring the Capital Wastelands or make their heart race when fighting a Mutant Behemoth or a Mirelurk King.



Now, Galaxy news radio songs may not be composed specifically for the game but Bethesda has managed to get the rights for the songs to be used in the game.Music tracks like “I don’t want to set the world on fire” By the Ink Spots (which was in the 1st scene and became recognizable and loved and shown in the picture above),”Butcher Pete (Part1)” by Roy Brown, “A wonderful guy” by Tex Beneke and much more. These tracks helped set the stylized 1950s American culture that Fallout 3 was suppose to represent and in return left a great recognition in the great music by the fans today.


Hotline Miami 2:Wrong Number


Hotline miami 2:Wrong number is a action packed game overflowing with neon vivid colors ,close range combat and plenty of  blood ,settled in early 1990s Miami city.

th.jpgCreated by Dennaton Games  3 years later after the success of the first Hotline Miami game. As being as action packed as a game can be Hotline Miami 2 presented the players with plenty of synthesized tracks by numerous composers like  Carpenter Brut, M|O|O|N and Scattle and many more.

By using electronic techno synthesizers and melodic beats which sets the pace of the action throughout the scenes of the game. With the hyped up beats Hotline Miami pumps the blood in the players vanes to be fast but cautious of the incoming enemies. As merciless as the game can be with the 1 hit kill to the enemy or you it resets to the start and in most cases enrages the player if he/she has low patience. At the end of the levels when you kill the last enemy in the facility the game the intense techno music cuts out and the player is left with a low synth loop while he/she goes back to upon the killed bodies and continue on with the story.
Overall the music in the game fits perfectly with the neon colors, the blood and gore and the pace of the game, it helps the player to feel like acting in a bloody movie in rescuing his lover or seeking truth. This game left a big impression while I was playing it myself even if I played it in spurs caused by the amounts of times I was killed yet the music has been lingering even till today.


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