Modernism and Postmodernism



My modernistic artist of choice is Joseph Müller-Brockmann only cause of his extensive use from typography to photographs implemented in his work. While the artist lived more than 80 years his revolutionary art made a change in the upcoming styles and during the Second World War and Cold War Müllers work had an influence on a global scale and now is considered to be one of the main role models to old and new artists and upcoming art styles.

In 1940s was the time when Joseph Müller-Brockmann turned toward the constructivist design aesthetic and away from his illustrative and subjective period. Gradually gaining process over years from examinations by teachers, peers and other.


By using a grid Joseph Müller-Brockmann would create a design of his choosing while still keeping it simple yet a creative design overall.By using linocut and letterpress the master would display a range of vivid and full of contrast colours and for Müller it was fitting only because he could “remove the personality of the designer” and mainly focus on the quality of the design itself being an anonymous creator.


In typography genre during the Second World War Muller along with other masters started to question the conventional layout and started to develop a more flexible option. As Muller admitted himself that “order was only a wishful thinking” over his career and that is clearly seen in most if not all of his typography work. Graphic design overall is the art to enlighten/inform people without being manipulative and that is what Muller has stuck to . His work simple and informative but still creative and inspiring.


In Mullers artwork he has made it clear that he is using a grid in order to achieve the simplicity of his work.


For example using this simple way to make a grid as a base for some kind of work in progress. Just later on after drawing out your grid will you be able to compose your work for example where your text may be, a picture or even something written in an interesting typeface to catch the readers eye.


.By making such a grid it’s easier for the artist to compose something , not step out of bounds or make it asymmetrical.


Post Modernism



As for my Post Modern artist I have chosen David Carson. Carson is an American graphic designer and art director who is an art director in a magazine called Ray Gun.As a director Carson has supplied the magazine with experimental typography ways which hes best known for these days and it was called “grudge typography”.


1992 Ray Gun issue



As Carson admitted himself he started off with paper for making design but over the years it did not stick with him so he was more comfortable working in front of a computer monitor, being able to easily change any possible mistakes while working with the art-boards and sketches would have been a bigger challenge to change something if a problem occurred.

Carson’s typography style which has been influencing graphic designers for over 20 years is considered to be deconstructional  style , very chaotic and abstract yet still appealing to the readers eye. The magazine (in which David Carson worked for 7 years ) contained articles relating to 90s music, pop culture icons.


This David Carson’s piece seems to consist of photography, layering typography and digital work. The whole poster is black , white and a hint of sepia which brings a bit more warmth into the poster. The large typeface that the artist chose brings the readers eyes to his name while smaller text bellow the shadowed hand is only a clever effect that blends in the the throughout color scheme of the poster.


Another piece done by Carson by my guess would consist of multiple uses of different typefaces. In red at the top Carson again shows his name in red which may be the first thing the reader sees but at the bottom half of the page the phrase “Don’t mistake legibility for communication” can be seen in the blackened background made out of several different font put on one another to emphasize the white “legibility” on top of it all.This piece could be interpreted as the little typefaces being the voices of the unheard that are against it and David Carson’s voice atop of them , bringing the problem to be seen by numerous people.




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