[ Real life Car Dashboards ]

In real life dashboards have to be as precise and descriptive as possible for the owner to know what is wrong with the car from the sounds its making or some light flickering in the dashboard.

In most dashboards there speed-o-meters ,fuel meters ,RPM meter (meter that registers how fast your distributor is working to spinning the rotor inside the cap)

The Crew [ 2014 ]



The Crew is one of the biggest games in the game industry in terms of their maps produced by Ubisoft. The whole United States is the players playground to do as he/she wishes and drive around realistic areas in the game.




The interface consists of a speed-o-meter, a small chunk of the map that the player is going through with useful navigation when the outside of the map is a compass to lead the player , above it a checkpoint text to tell the player how far it is and how many checkpoints the player needs to take. On the top there’s small images of other players or teammates and possibly their ranking from left being 1st and to far right being last. By the design the UI is simplistic to cater to the player and not overwhelm him with 10 meters and clutter the game screen to not distract the player and let him/her to concentrate on the game itself.

Need for speed :No Limits [ 2015 ]


Being developed by Firemonkeys Studios and published by Electronic Arts for iOS and Android platform , for a mobile game it looks great and the user interface opacity has been turned down slightly comparing to the full on grey speed-o-meter ,the visibility is lowered and you can see the numbers and your speed , on the top left instead of having a map the player is told about the progression of the race  giving the person freedom in going different routes.On the top there’s a N2O meter which is also low in opacity and the only clearly visible part of it is the nitro bar. This UI is pretty comfortable in terms of showing the most essential parts and not cluttering the map with useless UI parts to distract the player.




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