Version 2

In the first posters I was generally inspired by minimalism by barely altering the photo to get out some interesting result out of it . Mostly used the lasso tool in PhotoshopCS6 to create the figures later on making a gradient from black to the pastel brown to blend it in with the photos original colors .In the end adding the updated Rias festival logo and adding a few layers to darken the picture overall and give it a subtle gradient too that the pictures colors would not be too flashy to hurt the viewers eye and seem soft and smooth overall.version 3

This second poster was more inspired by Modernism after the research that I have done . I kept the lasso created figures and colored them in opaque colors to make it seem different and still keep my own minimalism touch to it.Overall I kept the text from touching each part to another to keep some kind of order in the poster itself. In this one I have not altered with any extra layers to modify the picture and kept it simple.


Last poster was as expected slightly inspired by Post Modernism . The word “Architecture” touching and not keeping things clean and in order like in the modernism inspired poster. Also still kept the figures to give it more color and show the white and black text in the front. Some modifications were back with the photograph to seem more colder and blue than the original that it would fit the color scheme better.

try 5try3


The hardest part was the start of making these posters . The first poster was a bunch of tries until my teacher showed me a possibility in how to make it seem more interesting and give it a bit of a post modernistic feel to it , I simply edited the 3rd version and was left with the final result above. Later on the other posters were easier to finish up without much effort simply because I had ideas in my head already in how I will execute the poster and hope that it will look similar in how I imagined it . The 1st final version of the poster ( the minimalistic one ) was done from my own generated ideas and no inspiration apart from wanting to make it seem less and be visually appealing and not overly cluttered by text or objects.In return the other two posters were highly influenced by the artists that I have researched before who were Joseph Müller-Brockmann (modernist) and David Carson ( post modernist ). The modernistic poster was clean in term of text not overlapping each other and making the poster give a little bit of a messy feel while the post modernistic was the opposite . I overlapped the “architecture” word partially one over the other to give a little cluttered feel to the whole poster while “Festival of” was still in order but not centered like modernistic posters might have.


By doing this assignment I had the chance to broaden my views on the poster artists, the styles and in the end try to apply them to my own work. It as a headache to figure it out at first but after I was set the right way I was able to finish it up.


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