Video game Interface Brief/December mid crit point

Plan :

  • [Task 2] Week 1-2/3 -Finding out about game UI’s ,little info about them.[Writing about them shortly] [On days off possibly]
    During the first weeks make a list of games with possible UI ideas , find out more about them , maybe find feedback on the games themselves about the UI if it was comfortable or had problems.
  • [Task 3] Week 3/4-5 Sketch possible UI ideas,Team logos. Later on post them all into the blog.
    3 Team logos. Look up racing teams logos, F1. Do sketches. Photoshop work.
  • [Task 4] Mid “Crit” hopefully get ideas, change my own, edit the UI sketches, logos.
  • [Task 5] After being reviewed on my ideas start working on the UI [again] (Photoshop,Illustrator,SAI)

[ Links for UI’s]



(Possible BG’s)


Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 13.50.49



December/January cries and talk overs

During the first group meet up others liked my ideas on having a personalised UI depending on the team. Victoria while on the talk time added that I should add the time of the laps and colour schemes which were later on developed and added to the final sketches.

Others liked the logo design that they were different and had interesting names.Also added a few questions if my map that I will be using will be 3D or just 2D with a possible arrow going around showing where the driver and others are.

On the January meet up Ben gave ideas on why the crescent moon is in all of the logos and the answer would be pretty clear that the races would happen during nights , when all the streets are lit in colourful lights and etc. Also was told to change the “Thousand eyes” team name into something more fitting to the logo itself and the colour theme.

Since those two meet ups and talks I’ve done the final logo sketches( which I’m only left to linear), present moons crumbling stages( also needs cleaning up in terms of line-work), colour schemes, working on the Speed-o-meter and putting things in places once they’re finished.Added the time and lap while using the Gothic std medium typeface. To make the lap pop-up show up better in the dark background most likely will add a finish like type of little flag behind to indicate the successful lap.

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 16.30.04







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