For the first and the main poster out of 3 I chose the tunnel sketch.Decided to leave out the silhouette of a human and prioritize making the tunnel with mild lighting to make it seem more realistic. After making the main layout of the tunnel I picked out Concurso Italian BTN typeface and freely transformed and moved around the typeface ( in Paint Tool SAI ) to fit in with the walls of the tunnel using the dark walls to accentuate the white text to make it “pop out”and noticeable to the viewer.Also added a black to alpha gradient from the walls of the canvas to the center of it to give off a presence of light in the poster.I chose not to use the given Rias logos simply because they would not fit in with the used typeface and the idea of the poster itself. Kept it monochromatic and simple not cluttering the poster and portray it as a “professionally” made poster.Keeping it clean and simple.


So this poster was an inspiration off  of a picture floating around the internet about architecture ( sadly no source link ). Made out of simple shapes, no gradient used.Chose the red background to show the white and black text and the “building” itself. Red is such a catchy color overall that it honestly catches a persons eye and by having such a affect I chose it as the main background color. The typeface used for this was Orator STD in medium , simple typeface which I vertically typed out the text and the words “festival” and “Architecture” cut in half to cover a bit more of the space to not leave it as empty as I could have.Yet again I did not use the Rias logo but instead I accentuated it in the middle of the poster in white to make it stand out a bit more and possibly more memorable.


Had a few different variations of the final product but still at first the idea was that the shapes would share similarities to tall buildings in big cities. The next is kind of out of order and messy but still visually appealing and not too saturated with color to a point where it hurts to look at the used colors like red or yellow.In terms of color scheme I chose the primary colors yellow ,red and blue for the viewer to notice the main information and then look around it.On top of the poster I put a completely white layer and turned down the opacity to give a softer color to the previously far too vibrant colors. As for the typeface I used ORC A STD and yet again freely moved around to fit in the shapes of the poster ( in Paint Tool SAI ).

Sketches and close ups of in betweens

Had some bit complicated designs involving making conceptual buildings and writing the text but in the end chose the simple design not to clutter the page with all shapes and colors that would confuse the possible viewer.








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