5 things I’d share

Gonzossm’s animation about Fallout 4 , the fun times , the boring and the glitches .Been a fan of Gonzossms work and its normal for him to do short animations on the games he enjoyed.




Between friends this would be sent out just for a short laugh or share green text stories


Just because Metal gear was one of the bigger game releases its funny to share moments where people break the game or find creative ways of killing soldiers around the game. A lot of people haven’t played it maybe because they don’t want to catch up to the story or just enjoy watching gameplay videos or montages like this.


Trailers of movies Im excited to see and I know some of my friends are also hyped about them.

Because Blade and Soul came out not long ago and I’ve been pretty addicted to it so between me and a group of friends we share Gyazo links ( screenshot program ) of funny avatar faces in the game or the ridiculous proportions that you can reach. People find really funny ways to have fun of the game and enjoy it and this is one of them



Funny vids in general

and re-makes of those little quotes from the videos.


Quantic Dream ( Detroit become human )was at first a Playstation Demo and not an official project later was acknowledged and started to actually work on the game concept. The idea that looked so cool to me was that supposedly in a world where androids are a norm of them being helpers to humans some “malfunctions” happen and android feel emotions and seek freedom.


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