Research on Bolton+ other research


Ye Olde Man & Scythe

One of the ten oldest public houses in Britain and the oldest in Bolton.The name derives from the crest of the Pilkington family, which consists of a reaper using a scythe, alluding to a tradition about one of the early members of the family.

In 1651 the Earl of Derby was executed outside the Man & Scythe — owned at the time by his family — for his part in the Bolton Massacre.


Book cover of “The Massacre: The Storming of Bolton”

by David Casserly


Nat Lofthouse  spent his entire career from 1946 to 1960 with Bolton, scoring 255 league goals and stands near the Macron Stadium (built in 1996-1997)

(One of the 12 founder members of the Football League in 1888 and winners of the first Wembley FA Cup Final in 1923, Bolton Wanderers have spent an amazing 73 seasons in the top division of the English league – that’s almost more than any other club. )




Bolton gave you Reebok

One of the world’s biggest sporting brands, Reebok, was founded in Holcombe Brook, a small village just six miles north east of Bolton in 1890. It was here that Joseph William Foster was knocking up running shoes when he came up with the nifty idea of hammering nails through the sole for extra grip – and the spiked running shoe was born. The company was originally called J.W. Foster and Sons, changing to Reebok in 1958, after Joseph’s grandsons Joe and Jeff found the name in a dictionary won in a running race by Joe Foster as a boy.
( from )

Bolton loves pubs 

  • Bank Top Brewery Tap, Astley Bridge
  • Victoria & Albert, Horwich
  • Barristers, Bolton town centre
  • Bank Top Brewery Ale House, Horwich
  • Hen & Chickens, Bolton town centre


According to an online survey carried out by the British Association for the Advancement of Science Boltonians are the friendliest people in Britain.

Bolton Town Centre

Bolton Centre these days versus the building in the 19th century

  • Bolton facts
  • Boltons very own ambasador Amir Khan is also a boxer
  • Even with 260,000 people Bolton is the largest town in Britain.
  • They have arguably the most zealous parking wardens in the world
  • They are close to Manchester but they’ve managed to retain their own sense of identity and kept old traditions are alive.


Viral Campaigns or Advertisements 

Last year Clash of Clans ( a mobile game ) released a Ad with Liam Neeson while he was using a low voice like he did in the Taken movies. There’s also been a few commercials where Christoph Waltz was apart of them too. All of these were to promote Clash of clans and introduce the application to the common TV viewer by using famous actors.

On youtube a video from a channel called and in social media some time ago it  went viral on children being put in front of girls and asked if they would slap them. The message behind it was more or less to show how people should act – not hurt each other, would it be male, female or other , with violence nothing good comes out of it , it just grows more pain and hatred.

Few years back there was a campaign to raise awareness to the ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis)  disease and a lot of famous figures participated in this and raised money for those who are sick and help.

This documentary which is now close to 4 years old raised pretty big awareness of 99million people seeing the video over the 2 years. A lot of people found out a simplified version of whats happening in Africa. In other words raise awareness and capture Joseph Kony by the end of 2012.

Robin Williams and his daughter Zelda

This as was made to advertise the Legends of Zelda :Ocarina of time 3D game by Nintendo. It received plenty of attention from the fans in Nintendo but also because of the   years later deceased well known actor and comedian Robin Williams.


2D Animation examples

Music videos in terms of animation tend to follow the lyrics of he song ( or close to it ) and interpret a story from them which in my opinion is really creative because like the two shown videos are different in their art style and colour schemes

The two above are made by the same person Emptyfeet ( as she goes on Youtube ).As far to my knowledge she’s an animation student and while working on her school work she also worked on extra animations .Both of these pieces are related to a webcomic called Homestuck created by Andrew Hussie. First one is a dance video using one of Lady Gagas songs and the other is a voiceless story about the Ancestors of Homestuck and the hardships they face. most of her work are 12+ frames her second which is a high number already but she plans to double that frame number in the near future with her other animations.

Disney style silent animation showed a cute story which was shared between people and left an impression on people. The thing that caught my eye personally was the chosen colours,when everything is grayscale red is shown more vivid in the animation.

The production company of Adventure time released a 2D animation of their other writers work in this case its Bee and Puppycat. Overall the colour scheme of it is pretty pastel coloured which is adorable and fits the theme,world of a girl that goes on adventures with her cat.





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