Final loops

These are the “loops” when messing around with Audition. For things to be more realistic in the loops I used rain which is barely audible , car engine sounds, background sounds like police cars, helicopters, people taking and others. All of the sounds were taken from and from Music Maker Jam app from my android .
[all of the used of planned to use sounds for the loops that were from free sounds website]

While the 1st loop is looped in the 2nd one at the end I added a car crash. Sadly because of the unsaved file I’m not able to take it out and have only the 2nd loop sound like a loop…

While working on this I learned how to look for some kind of harmony between sounds and the music, amplifying them or lowering their decibels, moving the sound from left ear to the right and other small features. At least personally I think my loops are pretty simple and I could’ve done better if I knew better how to make music in general instead of being a consumer of it.Though throughout this brief I also learned how hard it is to produce a piece that would perfectly fit into the game smoothly without sounding weird or that it doesn’t belong there.On my way while making the loops and non-loops I’ll admit I have no musical talent in making something so it might not be worth the listen. But as a piece of evidence that I worked for something and strived I did what I was capable of  doing at that point and wish I knew more about creating music.


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