Final UI designs and developement

Developement of the UI ] [  Minor research ]


In the final interface design I chose to do the team “Eye Candy”( which is intended to be a all girls team hence the roses as a speed-o-meter and the color scheme ) interface because I thought it was the most developed along the way of creation. While on the december meeting with others to talk over of what we have a friend said I should be careful on cluttering the screen , so I kept things pretty simple the speed-o-meter on the left going from 0 to the max ( which would be 300 )  , the finish flag and lap number would hypothetically flicker as the player would pass the line , on the top right is the map and in the middle of it is the timer , bellow the map though is the teams logo (and as an explanation the crescent moon is not only as a score keeper but also because by the idea all races happen at night and it smoothly fits in into everything ) and when hit it should start crumbling away ( like the shown gif in the development blog post ) the more the player hits walls and slowly destroys the car . Overall I tried not to clutter too much of the screen and keep it simplified but at the same time have the similar color scheme and overall keep a similar theme to the chosen team.

youtube video UI+Visuals+sound



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