Warburtons treatment +Sketches+ Concept art


One of our tasks were to brainstorm in groups of ideas about the advert that were going to animate, it honestly was and still is a long process because our ideas were closer to our hearts instead of choosing someone else’s .In my group I have Asher, Johnny, Georgie,Victoria,Harry and myself. Most of us had ideas were some were related to sports like having a running race between the bagels, going to the gym, Mr.Warburton having a boxing match ad eat the bagel for a energy boost or something different as a treadmill and showing off the breakfast from some time to now or that it would be raining bagels. Asher’s idea was that it was the Olympics event this year that the race idea would be kept as a primary option and in the end we ran with it.

As we chose was Ashers’ Olympic idea where the Warburtons thin bagel is going around participating in different sport events. The whole advert is mainly pieces of sports that the bagel participates, stays active ,energetic and succeeds.The end being 1st with gold medals and the normal bagel is maybe 4th or so .


Concept art/Sketches + Storyboards



page 1_1EDITpage 1_2 editedpage 2_1page 3_1page 4


Scene 3_1scene 4

Animatic video

Animatic of the first page of the 1st prototypes of the storyboarding (which was later changed in a couple of place).With the camera in After Effects moved through the panels (with the help of Kieran) , added slight animation pieces and continued to the 2nd row and so on. Doing so I had a accurate sketch of how things are going to be animated which made it slightly easier in the long run when trying to figure out every details of movement would it be the ribbon or wheat.




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