10 words for stop animation – letter A + Stop animation video + concept

Ideas + Research

Abyss = Black hole opening and the letter A just disappearing into it

Away = Little  girl sleeping on her pc and messages popping up as she sleeps


Agility (Agile) = stick man running around or something (?)

Attire= Guy tugging on his shirt looking all preppy

Ankh=Anubis raising the ankh up and its shinning light

Age (Ageing) = a lady going from a young girl to a lady

Above= girl looking up ____  and sees a ceiling and written above it

Alert = Snake( From Metal Gear Solid ) being sneaky and red exclamation marks popping up

Axe = A khorne  berserker/follower wielding a chain axeand cutting through the letter A in half ( The Chain axe )


!!!^Download this later!!!


Few examples of Stop animation to use it as references while making the final stop motion for my letter A which Ive chosen to be “Axe”. I used a Khorne Berserker ( from Warhammer 40k universe ) who wields weapons called the chain axes. The idea of the animation itself is that the Berserker tears up the word AXE and the camera goes down shows the weapons that were used for it.




(The concept +storyboard of a Khorne Berserker +Chain axes)






(My Khorne Berserker re-creation)

Around 50 frames , some looped and reversed + text all done in photoshop after effects with the help of my teacher.

The bit of music used in the video is used from the video bellow around 24+ seconds to 34 seconds or so.




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