Warburtons animation


Final animation for the brief on Warburtons animation advertisement. While deciding as a group for a theme we could all be able to animate we chose to go with the upcoming Olympic games idea and surround the advertisement around that and got to create our own story concept and other.

At the very start a hard arts-block hit and nothing would come to paper in terms of ideas but gradually while sketching and trying out things from normal olympic gear for example fencing swords and the head gear was changed into objects found in the kitchen like a toothpick and a bit of cheese and a colander , hence showing the “kitchen Olympics”, a natural spot to be for a bagel in a home while competing with other foods to show off its activeness and value as a healthy food.

While creating the characters and scenarios I thought I didn’t do enough storyboarding while wanting to go 5 sport events with the bagel, in the end ended up with only 2. During the creation of the frames of course some things were changed,added or completely remover from the final animation (if looking back to the storyboards). One of the ideas to add a mouse in the animation and hopefully making it more fun but other classmates did not think a mouse would fit so I scrapped that idea and changed it into a chocolate bar instead and continued working on the changed ideas.During the time of producing the animation itself I used a known program that I am used to while drawing which is called Paint-tool Sai  simply because Photoshop was not accessible for me at the time and not a familiar, drew out the backgrounds and the bodies of the characters before going editing them and making a frame-by-frame type of animation(Which ended up being approximately 300-350 frames). After the frames were finished after multiple sleepless nights and time spent during classes I tried the frames to make as gifs online to see if the frames worked alright and no big mistakes were done before moving to “glue” every scene in Adobe After Effect .Created compositions for every separate scene so that in the end I would know which scene goes where and not get scenes mixed up.Used looping and time stretching that the used frames would last longer and that the whole animation wouldn’t end in 5 seconds.

If I possibly had more time or would not have procrastinated as much ,I would have had better quality of the animation possibly line-arted , more details to the overall look on it , maybe added effects or used different angles and not the normal side view that makes the animation literally 2D instead of giving realism to it and more alive.

Overall I am honestly happy with what I have achieved during this brief and found out that I can actually animate a pretty long length animation if worked on constantly. In the future hopefully I will achieve a cleaner look to my current messy art style and stop procrastinating and leaving all the work for the last month to stress over and lose sleep.


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