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Cards against humanity


Cards against humanity or CAH mainly is a simple card game for people with a bit of a offensive, adult and dark humour , with other card expansions general knowledge of event or specific knowledge (movies, game references, music, specific TV shows and etc.) is needed to understand specific white cards & black cards.

Strategy: Collect most black cards and be crowned the most horrible person of the game.

Information set: Start off with 10 white cards in hand and once a black card is read choose one or more white cards (depending how many blanks the black card has ) in hand that would fit in with the blank spaces , possibly making Card Czar and other players laugh, afterwards when Card Czar read through all the possibilities they choose the rounds winner who keeps the black card and try to obtain more ( the count of winning points can be chosen by the players , depending on the size of the group and the time they are willing to spend to play it ).Card Czar position rotates clock-wise or counter clock-wise the players are free to choose to that everyone would get an equal chance of getting points.

Payoff:Proving that you’re a horrible human being by having such a twisted sense of humor but also having fun and getting a good laugh out of playing it with friends on strangers (if using the online platform to play it).



Minimalistic,simple game that at times can show the competitive or evil sides of a person once they roll a certain number and brings another players pawn back to the start.

Strategy:Move all of the chosen colors pawn that you play around the board and be the first to  fill in the box with all 4 pawns.

Information set: 4 available colors and 4 pawns each to move around the board and a 6 sided dice. To start off players roll to see the sequence that they will go. Roll 6- you go first, roll-1 you’re going last and so on. Afterwards players roll the dice till one of them finally roll a 6 to move a pawn into the playing board, if there is multiple out at once (of one player) , the player can choose which pawn they move.If by chance one of the players roll a number that makes them stand on top of another pawn ,that pawn gets sent back to the start and they have to roll another 6 to put it out again and etc.

Payoff: Mainly just passing the time and trying out your luck with the dice and being the first to collect all 4 pawn in the right places on the game board.

Snakes and ladders

Another simple and easy game for children to play and quickly understand.

Strategy: Roll the dice and move up to whatever numbered tile there is on the board without landing on the snakes head(which will put you back to the end of the snakes tail and you continue playing) but ladders help you excel and progress faster and possibly be seen as a shortcut.

Information: The board gives you information which tiles have ladders and where they move on the board and also where the snakes ,how far they can put yoy back (score wise) are and where they lead to. At times the game tiles can be numbered or at the end of the rows have arrows showing the way how which side to progress up and reach the very top and be the first to win.


Payoff: No specific payoff simply apart from having good or bad luck in the dice rolls and have a laugh if you or your friends slide down snakes (which could happen multiple times if luck isn’t on their side).













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