Platformer (Indie) games


In OFF, the player controls a character called “The Batter”. He states his ultimate sacred mission is to “Purify” the world. The game is set in a strange universe, starting off in Zone 0, a tutorial level of sorts, then winding through three more zones and finally “The Room”. Along the way, the player encounters numerous bizarre beings, a manifold of unsettling creatures, and lots of puzzles that need to be solved in order to progress.

As the Batter your main mission is to purge the Zones that has been filled with strange creatures while only by assumption that batter is human himself and doing the protagonists role by getting rid of all of the enemies ,but that isn’t the case. The more Batter is controlled by the player the more his mind is in a way clouded by who is good and who is bad. In the end of the game Batter himself completely goes insane as he supposedly kills his wife and child and another character by the name of Judge had to decide if Batter has to die in order to purge world from him.



Yume Nikki



“Yume Nikki” means “Dream Diary” in Japanese (and thus the word can be written as 夢日記 although the title is normally in hiragana), and the game follows a young girl named Madotsuki as she dreams. The goal is to seek out and acquire all 24 ‘Effects’.

The game otherwise has no plot, and nearly the entire game is left up to speculation

Main idea is to mess with the players mind, maybe scare them with the small pixels but bring a lot of impact as they pop on the screen as ‘effects’



Mike Inel Games [Which]

May not be a platformer game but worth to mention as a minor indie game developer that is currently working solo on a 3D Adventure time game.

Which is a short game where the main objective is to get out of the house that the protagonist has been locked up in with another creature, a headless. As the protagonist progresses they learn that only of them can leave the house so either they give a heart to the girl or her head to let him through and it results in 2 endings in the game.

During the game itself you go around the gray scale colored house looking for keys or anything to help to get out. The player as mentioned before can have 2 game endings one of them is giving the headless and heartless woman her head which instantly make her thing logically, be emotionless and show no compassion towards the player and stabs him multiple times killing the character off and ending the game. The other ending was finding the woman’s heart and giving it to her, the woman then sacrifices herself and kills herself in order for the player to able to leave, feeling emotions and letting the player live instead of being greedy (like the head ending).



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