Video Production diary


La Noire based trailer project (Filming ourselves)

Genre of this project is a Noir style would it be slightly unsaturated color wise or completely black and white short film (single camera).

The duration finished project should be 1min30sec. – 2min.+

Synopsis of this story is that a detective moves to a new city, new office, new crimes to solve.As hes settling in though a old ghost follows him and seeks revenge of sort for the wrong that Dustin Ken (the main character) has done to the other. Through some planning the old “friend” finds an opportunity to strike and murders somebody close to Ken – his wife. Anonymously left little box in Kens office didnt give off the tragedy that was to befell the detective , he finds his wifes ring drenched in blood ( most likely hers ) with a small note. After the mourning of a lover Ken seeks to find out who killed Elizabeth and looks for clues through countless papers and files that still lingered with him.

Character:Dustin Ken
Age: Mid 30s
Race& Gender: White background , male.
Backstory : Previously has worked as a cop in another city , climbing his way up the positions until a opportunity arose for him to succeed in another city as a well rounded and intelligent detective. In his years though he has collected some enemies along the way and few…Still linger, lurk to take their chances.

In terms of equipment we planned and rented gear from the Kingston College for 4 days , during them managed to shoot all of the necessary scenes for the project. The rented equipment was a Cannon DSLR , portable handheld light and a video tripod.
Props were mainly found by Harry which were a coat, hat; some of the props like papers and photos of fake files were done by me (and used Lorem Ipsum to fill out the page files)
Actors : Me and Harry switching between one another whenever the scenes required (Also Harrys father that filled in for the camera man when I was not able to)

The main audio song used for it was “Dark lullabies- The dusty attic” which Harry purchased from iTunes. The voice overs were recorded by me through my mobile phone and then edited in a software Audacity.Any other sounds in the video were natural and not pre-recorded and later on added in the editing process.

Rationale behind this story is after creating 2-3 and getting some feedback from the teacher the main story to be used had to have more exciting (?) elements other than a simple murder story. The skills that we knew was some kind of teamwork, filming , dealing with the rented gear and of course editing, Acting skills through were mediocre as we’re not drama students.
In order to achieve and finish this project we had to plan out small details and talk over constantly that there would not be any misunderstandings.

Production Diary entries

Things started off from doing some prior research on single camera productions to ease us in into the project , that we would have ideas and ways to efficiently do the project and in the end give in a completely finished product for the group to be at least content with.

Huddled up in groups of 3-4 and started off the creation process for the first few weeks while slowly planning along the way.

First few weeks were spent in doing some research on stories. At first I thought that we had to take one of the La Noire game missions and re-create them and film by using them.So did extra research by watching the actual game cases and taking notes in terms of story changes, props,characters and so on.


Following weeks re-thought the ideas and saw that we needed original stories I had two stories written soon after and presented to the group. The one that was told to others was a simple idea that wouldn’t have been too intriguing , a chat with teachers made me re-consider and re-write that story in specific and add more to it.
After that the process of a storyboard and planning began. I drew the storyboard  which were alright, presented it and it seemed like a good project that will do so we continued working on the production papers (files)  filling them with information about the filming , getting papers ready once we were done filming.

During the Christmas vacation as we did not film we just talked out the details , what can be used, looked for props for the main character and think over the locations that could be used, in the end Harrys home was used to film everything.Rented the gear for mid of January and waited till filming days.


In the time of filming the scenes ,me and Harry managed to film most over one day , due to technical difficulties of no charger for the camera we had to stop the process for the day. In the next few days after Harry managed to get a charger finished scenes that had only him in it and wrapped up that, giving back the filming gear and starting to work on the filming process.

First idea for the narrative was to record my voice and for the ending to have a friend that had a manlier voice to say “Welcome to my parlour said the spider to the fly” and add it to the end of the trailer.Sadly, as I could not get a hold of the person I recorded both of the voiceovers and edited the latter one with Audacity and lowered the pitch to hopefully fit.
Filled out the final files and printed them out for the production and were relieved it finally ended.

Final Storyboard pages


Final video project




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