3D Maya Practice

Starter Maya projects in order to get accustomed to the tools in the software and customize it that we would be efficiently and comfortably using the program.

First experiments were making a set of stairs by dividing the mesh with the edge tool and then extruding, continuing to do so until satisfied with a result.

^Taught to you snap to grid/objects that the mesh would be accurately connected instead of eyeing it through wireframe and possibly misplace a piece.

^Started animating and using keyframes while moving the random objects at different frame rates just to show the movement and how different frame rates move objects at a faster/slower pace.

^Animated a bouncing ball , taking into account the physical changes that the ball might have as it impacts the ground (squishing , pushing it forward and eventually decreasing the bounce until a halt) .

^ Experimental sculpting in Pixologics free program called Sculptris (simple UI and tools to create something organic )


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