VR/AR Project

Through the years games gained more and more recognition and even became a massive industry in the span of 20 years or so, because of that partially big game companies had influences with their previously successful games but also game advertising and the ability to show the public the product and in a way ‘seduce’/entice them in buying the game or pre-ordering it whenever possible.

One of the major names that could be mentioned is “Konami” that since 1998 released the Metal Gear Solid(first for the Playstation then branched out to PC over the years) games that still to this day is a somewhat successful franchise. The main person for this stories creation is Hideo Kojima that on its own today is well known and has a big following because of his MGS story and games but also on his new project “Dead Stranding”.
As internet was not as popular then , the main source of advertising about the game and showcasing it were game specific magazines that covered the game , gave honest opinions and reviewed it.
Product placements were also used in order to advertise the game , at least in Japan. Keith Sutherland being the voice actor for Solid Snake in order to advertise it was in a couple of projects in doing so one of them were Japanese advertisements.

In Metal Gear:Peace Walker there were multiple ads in the game added as easter eggs, for example Mountain Dew and Doritos that till this day still is more or less said to be the “gamers friends” in a joking manner. In Kojimas games also there is no suprise that Playboy was added as in other games minor easter eggs of cut outs of women can be found through the game.

In Metal gear solid 4 , Hideo Kojima made a character outfit that was of  Altaïr Ibn-La’Ahd from the Ubisofts Assassins Creeds franchise , which later Ubisoft did the same in Assassins Creed :Brother hood repaying this small easter egg mention between the companies and the studios that worked on both of the games.



Yoji Shinkawa is the briliant concept artist that gave character to Hideo Kojimas vision and started off the making process.

The game itself started off spreading word through different kinds of media in Japan first before possibly getting a license have a American release (later in 1998) and in Europe (early 1999). It being recognized as one of the most important and best games if that time. Because of the success the game has received from the public. The game is widely considered to be one of the best PlayStation games, and has featured in numerous greatest video games ever lists by GameFAQs, Japanese magazine Famitsu, Entertainment Weekly, Game Informer, GamePro, Electronic Gaming Monthly, and GameTrailers.

Yoji Shinkawa is the briliant concept artist that gave character to Hideo Kojimas vision and started off the making process.His work was used initially to make posters or ads for the series at first but later was changed into rendered mesh models of Snake as shown bellow over the span of almost 2 decades.



VR past to now

Sensorama- In early 1960s Morton Heilig created a prerecorded film that was able to capture the audio in stereo educing binaural sound effect and to add to it would be the experience of outside forces like wind , scent and etc.As it was first of its kind the person would only be able to be a viewer but not interact with the visuals shown to them.

The Ultimate Display – Later in 1960s Ivan Sutherland came out with a fabricated world concept that included interactive graphics along with the previously developed experiences like scent , sound and other. Sutherland over that time developed a device that was also captured stereo sounds and first of its kind where head tracking was captured.

Through the years there were many more prototypes of VR inclusing VCASS (1982) , VIVED (1984) , BOOM (1989) until in the 2000s the VR became more manageable and easier to produce by multiple of companies. With success one of the first to be immersive was Oculus rift headset , once they came out there were predictions for many bugs and problems occurring with the Oculus and would not be released for the public for a while later.The headset would show the visuals captured in real time and some would be interactive. Headset itself though still heavy and weights the face down , hurts the persons nose if used for a long time.
In the past few years big companies like Samsung , HTC , Steam , Microsoft. With various degrees of success the headsets have gained recognition among Twitch streamers, Youtubers to show more in depth ( to an extent ) how the headset works along with playing the games that are available with one headset or another.
In the future the VR headsets will hopefully be lighter and easier for the normal consumer to purchase and use , extend the uses for them from being mainly centralized towards the gaming communities.


Moodboards of game concept ideas / Minor treatments


Tavern game concept where the player depending what ale or cider or any other drink they have they see different things in front of them and would have a threshold in drunkenness, drink too quick you still pass out , prolong the drink and you may see fun things.

Moodboard_NRW_Illusions .jpg

[ Full view : http://imgur.com/gENeYxm ]

Working Title –  The intruder

Genre – Game concept / Video

Duration – Video itself 20-ish seconds.

Target Audience – Small audience of young adolescences and range to mid 20s. 

Outline – You are an intruder in a system of a ginormous computer as it asks you questions it seeps into your brain , seeks out your fears and projects them towards you , wants you to disappear , leave or be corrupted by the system. The player either chooses to continue to go through the nightmare or opt out and end it. 

Character Breakdown – No specific name/gender/looks/voice chosen. 

Visual Elements / Mise en Scene- VR type of movement , free movement of the head or hands to reach out towards something or the illusions that are thrown at you by the system.

Audio – Ambient sounds , crashes, glitches , cracks vivid colours. 

Rationale – Close to none apart from some basic knowledge in zbrush that may be of use along the way. 

Constraints and Contingency – Everything. 

Budget – My own lifespan. 

Schedule – A long time as I am but one person.

Ragnarok game concept idea


The old myths of the North [ http://norse-mythology.org/tales/ ]

The idea was mainly inspired by a couple of sources that are the “Vikings” (2013-) show aired on the History channel but also by Dan Abnetts book “Prospero burns” (2011) from the “Horus Heresy” series from the Warhammer 30k universe. These factors gave an idea during the readings of the book as one of the characters was a skjald that took account of various fighters and their kills to be re-told another day by the fire and ale. The “Vikings” show play in the idea was that the main character with a a fire told the old stories of their gods they follow to scare his children before dusk.

Group work progress / Work seperation:

Viktorija – Storyboard , filming, editing.
Evelina – Idea development , drawing , concept art, voice-over recording.

Both of us separated the work as we were better at the matters then the other, first week we sat together we looked through my ideas and decided on which one will be worked on. Created concept art , read through some lore to have a better grasp of what were making and continued to plan other details for the project.


Project tittle “Stories of the Dark” that is somewhat of a storytelling/ flashback VR/AR game inspired by the Nordic myths that should last for 15 to 20 seconds. Outline of the idea would be that over the years would it be teenagers or kids with time further themselves from reading would it be just fairy tale stories or myths and indulge themselves in technology more than a book, to change that some of the Nordic myths of their pantheon would be in the game as the player a simple skjald (remembrancer, poet, account keeper) that keeps accounts of stories either from warriors that he lived with or stories of the past that lingered among their tongues for many years. Having flashbacks and living through those stories the skjald manages to piece together the parts , make the stories scarier to entertain others because only story that others fear are of their interest. The setting of the game would mainly be dark as the player would go through tunnels or caves, faint blue smoldering lights may appear as runes as others speak appear near the skjald until the picture builds in-front of him and he sees the carnage and deaths from those stories. Research would be done from myths, images from various sources and later on used along with our imagination.


Working Title – Stories of the dark

Genre – Game/Video/Vr

Duration – 15 -20sec

Outline – As many know the old stories are forgotten and through this , the player, gets shown the myths about forgotten gods.

Character Breakdown – The player a simple skjald (remembrancer, poet, account keeper) that keeps accounts of stories either from warriors that he lived with or stories of the past that lingered among their tongues for many years. Having flashbacks and living through those stories the skjald manages to piece together the parts , make the stories scarier to entertain others because only story that others fear are of their interest. 

Visual Elements / Mise en Scene- Dark mood, caves , smoldering  small lights,rune writings and etchings, wolf sounds and growls.

Rationale – Because old stories or myths are forgotten either by the natives or others. 

Primary and Secondary Research – Research mainly done by reading up the Ragnarok myths on multiple sites where each told it a little bit differently.

Requirements and resources – Our work and time, camera with lights , drawings and recording of voice over. 

Constraints and Contingency – Problems that may be run into that we by working only as a group of 2 may not be able to finish up the project but one way or another we will have some final product done by the deadline of this project. 

Legal and ethical considerations – No legal or ethical considerations but the product may be shown as a quick advertisement would it be on mobile games,games news pages or as youtube ad to spread the word about the product. 

Budget – No materialistic expenses apart from our own time. 

Schedule – As we come together as a group bit late we had half the time to try and plan things together so the current time constraint is slightly scary to reach. 

http://www.vikingrune.com/rune-converter/  – To covert common tongue into runes of many kinds

http://norse-mythology.org/tales/ragnarok/ – The story of Ragnarok



Skjald- A medieval Scandinavian poet, especially one writing in the Viking age.

You’re a skjald that has been sheltered by a tribe of vikings , it’s taken some time for them you to warm to them as they are merciless killers as other may tell you. Through time and patience you end up considered somewhat one of them, a skjald , their storyteller , keeping accounts of their kills , their stories of their gods to one day re-tell the lore you heard to generations to come or over a warm fire to pass the time.

As you are told stories you have certain types of flashbacks that help you imagine the heroic or tragic scenes you are told by others… Till you wait for your imagination to bloom the character goes through dark corridors etched with runes with the words that the others speak before immersing into the story completely.

Every different story would open different sceneries would it be Ragnarok where many gods fall and the lands are engulfed by the dark waters or simple stories of Thor or any other gods that are told to you.

The specific flashback that scares you comes along with the story of Ragnarok , the ferocious Fenrir ,a god who engulfed the sun and moon is out for blood during those times find you and “toy” with you like with food first before disappearing into nothingness as it is in the end only your imagination.

“You are our skjald , the keeper of stories from yore. You’ve experienced wars , deaths , fallen gods reborn and now it is your time to scare us with what you’ve seen. “

Final Art and Concept Art 



The overall process of the project had a rough start as for most of the time a handful of people did not have a group. Started making as an individual to think of idea for the possible project(s) but the Nordic one seemed the maybe more interesting option out of them and most manageable to produce.Along the way I started working with Viktorija and we managed to work together as I made some of the art of the Fenrir as he was engulfing the sun and moon , Nordic gods profiles and those that were involved in the Ragnarok story and so did she.In the later weeks filmed the short takes in the green screen room but also a tunnel scene to give a sense of reality to the promo, they were necessary for the promo. As the editing process started record a couple of takes of a voice-over , extra drawings done and in the end Viktorija did her best  to make the promo video.





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