FMP (Drow translator)


Lolth (pronounced LOALTH), or Lloth in Menzoberranzan,known as the Queen of Spiders or the Queen of the Demonweb Pits, was the most influent goddess of the drow, within the pantheon of the Dark Seldarine.

She drove the drow into heavy infighting under the pretense of culling the weak, while her real goals were to hold absolute control over the dark elves, prevent the rise of alternative faiths or ideas, and avoid complacency (even though she found amusement in the strife that plagued her followers’ communities).  However, in the long run her influence proved to be an obstacle to the growth and success of the drow, preventing them from unifying against common enemies or for a common cause.

(Other drow gods that may be followed apart from Lloth


By drow teachings ( those who follow Lloth instead of realizing the lies of their people and try to escape ) were taught and believed that the surface elves are the evil ones and so is every race that are not drow. Propaganda of the surface elves driving the drow down under when it was the elven gods in-fight which was  Lloth in the end to drive the drow underground and take total control of their lives.
The sun would burn their ebony skin as soon as it made contact that is why most of the raids that would happen to the surface would mainly executed through evening and nights when drow have the advantage and see in the dark.

From a young age drow are used to being treated poorly as obedience to the matron is the main thing for them to know. Apart from that drow mainly go through Sorcere which is the school of magic to learn basic survival skills and magic needed for them to know. Females continue their studies for many years to eventually serve their house as a priestess of Lloth and in time overtake the Matron mother either form her dieing of age or executing the matron at a perfect time.

Drow also look a blind eye to those families who execute another families death without leaving any witnesses , or kills in general if someone saw you killed a person you will be taken account for your deed and most likely killed , possibly their family too because of the brought shame.

Those drow who are of royal or noble blood (mostly females)  are adopted into new families while the males either sold into labor/used as breeders/sacrificed. Until adopted into the new family they do not have a last name for example Alauna of house Haelka would be Alauna of House no worth mentioning.

Because of them living in the underdark drow are mainly excellent hunter as they see in the dark (because of their natural infra-vision) and years of practice to sense enemies and their heat signatures , to know what they’re coming up against, hearing their footsteps and etc.

Look wise most drow have dark ebony skin with some variations of tint to it from purple to blue and even brown-ish. White hair is the main feature that sets them apart from other elven sub-classes and just like elves drow are not able to grow facial hair like beards , their hair ( for women and men ) show their nobility and age.

(Most of this information was collected by reading the R.A. Salvatores books)



As a digital novel game is it normal to have possible multiple endings depending on the choices of the player. Through out the process multiple characters would be introduced and had some kind of connection is one or two main characters. In this one the main character being a dark elf that escaped the underdark and has her own little events and adventures with her brother.Through out the games process there would be multiple of one time event pictures to make it more than just multiples of expressions and running text.

Up to 10 individual characters and a few minor ones that would be important to the story that surrounds the drow on the surface and the world around them.

Main inspiration for the project were R.A. Salvatores books about a family Do’Urden their youngest prodigy son Drizzt Do’Urden that managed to escape the underdark and live a hard life but the one that fitted him and his non-llothian ways.

Another major inspiration was for a short while starting to do text based role-play as fantasy characters and making stories along the way with new people, getting into funny situations.

Surface world : Upresh where all kinds of races and walks of life beings and humans live in somewhat of an harmonious life.

Guild / Neutral parties within the ‘kingdom’ :

Umbra Mortalis – Assassins / Mercenary group that was created by Greyraen , Alauna and few other members.Specializing in working for the coin no matter the job as long as it did not involve killing one of their own.

Roisinthorn – Human kingdom mainly sheltering humans or elves or other kind of beings that renown their race and serve the queen.

Atropa – The cultists of the realm as their sole purpose is to wreak havoc among the lands

Wolves – Lykins/ Werevolves that are somwhat of a neutral party in the lands apart from their egos being hurt by others.

Mages – Where people come and seek out help of the mages of the realm , learn magics that the Archmages can provide.

Alaunanfein Haelka 


Alaunanfein Haelka ( Powerful seer – name meaning )

“As drows ever since we are young , we are taught things , blatant lies fed to us to believe…”

Alauna grew up in the A’Daragon family among a couple of sisters and twin brothers Shri’Vyrae ( Vyr )and Greyraen (Grey ). Being youngest of the bunch Alauna was not as looked after and luckily the weanmother ( Nanny of sorts ) kept Alauna from believing these lies and drown in the same tar as most if not all family members along with the rest of Menzoberranzan.

During her young days she would do her duties as a young drow along with her weanmother in hand but also sneak out and see or ever try and spar with her way older brothers. Until the house was destroyed , the daughters being taken in into other houses to live while the males of the family sent into slavery for another matron. Vyr being used as a breeding slave while Grey worked the physical labour part of slavery , clearing the tunnels but along that time learning of possible escape routes. Years later Vyr and Grey escaped into the surface to start their new life while Alauna was still in the Underdark during that time.

Alauna during her teen years in the end became a priestess of Lloth and helped with the Haelka families survival.On the side Alauna would visit the families weapon master Minryaen Haelka and learned the ways of a drow warrior as he also helped to train the soldiers on a daily basis. During those years the young drowess gained trust surprisingly among the soldiers of the family and the weapons master wanting to overthrow Matron Rizryne. Older matrons that came to see the defeated matron and her daughters and servants were found all around the houses walls and in the main room , matron Rizryne was found in her throne , a knife in her heart and her facial expression bared of one of disbelief. Priestesses near the throne also stabbed and it seems blinded easily with some use of magic, a well executed attack.After the attack was complete and successful , the house that soon become forgottens survivors escaped the city , some into the caves to find the dark dwarfes and leave to the surface , Alauna branched off to the slavers routes and for a few years more looked for some clues about her brothers. Within some time Alaunanfein heard stories of 2 noble drow rebelling to an extent and then escaping towards the surface. The information had some dust on it by the time the woman heard it but it was a lead, something better and more solid than she had had for some years before that in the house of no worth mention.

Greyraen & Vyr

Big brother along with Vyr of Alauna ( along with other sisters of course ) from a young age the twins went through the Sorcere along with a few sisters and learning how to fight from the weapon master of the house along with the soldiers trained under him. Years later as the weapons master passed away Vyr and Grey trained on their own until the grave day happened when they were sold into slavery by the matron mother of the house they belonged to Vyr was used by another matron mother to breed more drow daughters into the family , a personal sex slave. Greyraens fate was different as he worked for the matron with hard labor around the house in doing chores or risking his life at times in doing scouting with other parties. Years later the twins ran and escaped from the Underdark landing in the lands of Haanadir. Grey had ownership of  a tavern in the heart of the city and received slight disgust towards humans and other races to the things that would happen, not all of course. A human Elizabeth that was a main barkeep was in alright terms with the drow even if she would toss gold coins at the mans head almost daily while she worked there. On that time Vyr went missing , possibly died to the roaming monsters around the lands or killed due to a nasty fight that he might’ve been apart of.
After the tavern that was later given to Elizabeth to run Grey started to drink and the human helped the male to get rid of that need, at least a little. As he set of to continue traveling the lands the reached Upresh where he became the Elven Queen Opals main guard and other things as time went by.

Most of the other characters grew up in the lands of Upresh in different walks of life. As commoners and learning more about themselves and learning to use magic, getting into groups of various alignments and in some way or the other meeting the drow or not..

Rogmesh being a full bloodied ork but learned the ways of the humans in a long time and worked for the queen as her personal guard.

Opal a elven queen inheriting the crown through her mother that eventually died of old age , for an elf.

Drowess fighting Rogmesh the orc

In difficult times when humans and elves had conflicting ideals , their leaders not able to make a compromise the people under them suffer some of the consequences of their peoples rulers. A strong orc Rogmesh Ugosha wondered the mystical forest where the elves mainly resided looking for fresh blood so to speak…The orc having some honor on the matter did not draw his weapon towards the drowess that stood with her back towards the open lands ,standing guard but also enjoying the beauty of the surface world.
“Turn around drow.” Rog spoke in a gruff low voice , cracking the shoulders slightly. “You know why I am here , turn around and fight.” his voice sounding threatening, angry; as the drowess took a drag of a smoke hearing the familiar voice her body shifted with a small smirk, her eyes still not completely adjusted to the light of day but enough to see the orc clearly.
“Came back so soon…?” Alauna smirked with half of her lips while the other side bitten into the cigarette before it was discarded on the ground and her drowess’ blades unsheathed and ready “Finally some fun”she added, her voice sounded excited to fight a stronger enemy and with high hopes to defeat such a monster.

The giant orc chuckled in his low voice as if mocking the brave attempt of Alauna to fight back “See , I have honor…Let you prepare” the orc spoke and took out the the axe .Without wasting any more time the orc dashes towards the smaller frame and smites down the axe to the ground like lighting yet the drowess’ agility saved her there and dodged the lethal attack. Now standing behind the man Alauna let out a small whistle as where the axe was deep in the ground half way buried, the orc was here not to play at all…
“Knew you were a feared opponent if you’ve defeated my brother one on one” she said before lunging forward towards Rogmesh. Her blades practically itching for blood but bounces back as it meets the armor that covered the males body.The tall opponent simply laughed at the attempt.
“Nice try small fry, aim for a place not covered in armor” he said smirking and showing his orc tusks before swinging his axe through the womans chest and with ease slashes the fabric along with opening a wound across drowess’ chest. Taken aback by the attack Alauna stumbled slightly and places her hand that held one of the blades in disbelief and saw her own dark blood leaving her body before the immense pain kicked in.Couple of grunts left her mouth muttering something to herself as if tiny curse words in drow were heard but not understood, before her light would go out from bleeding Alauna attempted yet again to attack the orc fighter but quickly was blocked ,slowly her time and luck running out.
“I dont want to kill you. Just send a message to your queen that I do not joke”
Alauna screamed in pain as the axe came down on her shoulder ,gladly the wound was not as deep thanks to the shoulder pad but still deep enough, on her knee clutching the wound ,wanting to continue to run, to survive another day but shakes off that feeling and lunges forward to the orc man with her other shoulder knocking the giant on the ground and Alauna being on top of him. With some hope regained it soon vanished at the orc grabbed the neck of the drowess , rolled both of them , switching their position and yelled out in his low and raspy voice.
“You will not win weakling” his fingers gripping the neck , putting more force towards the grasp. Female rogue coughed a couple of times , head thrashing to the sides, gasping for air before some words left with her last breaths “I..Am not…My brother” . Final breath left the womans body, going limp, unconscious and still in a grave state as blood stained the green grass pouring from the wounds.
The orc stood up with a painfull groan and swayed to the sides slightly , regaining his composure looking down on the drow and giving Alaunas lifeless body a toothy grin “I’ll admit you’re good but not good enough…” as those words left his mouth he picked up his axe that was discarded on the grass and went back to report to his Queen.

 Fight for the mount Grey


For the while when Grey lived in the lands of Upresh , he became somehow fond of a little hill where the farmlands were easily looked over and the Roisinthorns castle seemed like an unapproachable giant versus the single drow.

As the younger sister noticed it as a joke over the night crafted a small castle out of the magic she learned over the years in the Sorcere, a simple illusion casted on the hill with a flag signifying it was her work. As the day flew by Greys time to be on the hill approached closer and she was waiting for him eagerly , she knew he would not be happy in the slightest but for her it was just a little bit of fun. The drowess stood there proudly but slightly bored smoking on her cig until Grey emerged.
“What in the…” the words left his mouth in slight shock and disbelief that his sister would even /try/ to attempt such a prank.The older drow let out a groan and pointed at the flag “I challenge you , for this hill. Here and now.” he looked at his sister with a serious facial expression while the smaller one only looked back with a wide grin and an attempt to control herself before she burst out into a laughing fit”Remove the flag, and we can call it a day. If not I will make you wish you accepted.” grinning and revealing his self filed teeth. Alauna snorted a couple of times , such fun to her was like an enigma, so unknown but greatly needed. Small bits and pieces of laughter escaped finally covering her mouth that it would not grow worse “How do you want to do this dalninuk?”(Dalninuk- Brother in drow lang.)
The question of hers sounded so innocent but with a devious intent behind it , to get that hill.Grey after her question stepped up towering over her by a good head grinned himself showing off the fanged cavity before speaking up “First one to reach the bottom of the hill is the loser” he stated before taking a step back and spreading his arms wide , cocky and arrogant as ever that bastard. “Come now , do you think you have what it takes?Give me your best shot, let’s see if you can steal /my/ hill.” He grinned at her now , enjoying the bit of competition himself now. Alauna was glad that her brother finally got over the little bit of anger he had and exchanged it for a smile , the other one hummed and smiled again realizing that
“No hard feelings whatever may happen”Alauna grinned at him.”No hard feelings” he repeated he laughed before soon enough she female lunged at him , shoulder first towards his stomach to table him down, make him tumble and make it easy for her but it did not go as she may have planned as Grey twirled to the side as the master assassin that he claims to be and avoided the tackle.With a turn the male drow turned around and with a swift kick to her bottom that sent her just making her fall down , in a few seconds flat the she stood up and patted the kicked part as she pouted at him but enjoying this little sibling exchange, she was not going to concede so quickly , with the switft and graceful movement the drowess moved around Grey , he saw her but no movements were taken to stop her as she yanked as hard as she could to put Grey on the ground as he previously did to her.Thinking that she will fail Grey was overfilled with cockiness and sent to the ground. In that moment Alaunas face was smiling as her brother quickly he use the momentum to throw himself on the side. Twisting with a fair bit of power, his leg leading the charge and swiped the leg to catch her off guard with a kick which almost worked but yet again Alauna was on the ground laying close to him as she started to laugh and swatted her face aimlessly , trying to hit him in the face but simply patted the grass around both of them as she laughed.
“We could share the hill.” she said with laugher not leaving her.Both of them cocky and not wanting to give in.
“There would only if I said so!” he grinned at her and rolled to the side again , springing on his feet as Alauna still on the ground having her laugh before she could realise Grey was towering above her again with a wicked grin he said “Now get off my hill” he yelled out with a chuckle and kicked her side as if kicking a carpet to unroll but it was the drowess simply rolling off the hill as her defeat was imminent , her brother was stronger than her.
Alauna rolled down as she giggled and climbed back up just a little bit later “Deal is a deal” taking the tiny castle illusion again and the actual flag that was materialized and breaking it in two showing the remains the flag. “There, happy?” she asked approaching him “I am indeed, and quite amazing art.” he commended on the way she managed to pain her smiling face on it. As she came close she patted him gently on the face with her wide grin , grass stuck in her hair but happy.
. “Have her home before the moon rises!” he laughed at Alauna and kissed the younger sister on her forehead before leaving to have the alone time with the hill he allowed.
“Dalninuuuuuk~” she called out with her arms spread to the sides”You hurt me greatly” said with a overreacting tone of voice “give me a brotherly hug” she added in the end but to no avail he was already gone



The world

The lands themselves depending on where one would travel would be filled with green fields and thick forests getting closer to the elven home. The Mages guild hidden somewhere in the forest as the building stood tall out of old brown bricks , in some places the green would peak out and grew on it. The elves had in short tree houses or well almost a sort of city built , with the main buildings hugged by the trees of the forest (of course not naturally) , a hall for the elven queen , library and others…
Human castle was up high the mountain with a path leading up to it past a village of commoners that lived and worked the lands. In the castle itself gold and red would rule the color scheme with the cold gray walls. Fancy dance balls would occur inside of these walls , king coronations and of course schemes against the enemies of humans.
The commoner grounds were filled with huts and small patches of field to work on , daily labor was seen those who watched or walked past. A tavern or two stood near the coastal part of the city, small farmer market tents stood from day to day and sold their goods to get by their lives or travel further into other cities and sold their merchandise there.
Some of the caves around the lands would be occupied by the Atropa / Wolves of course in separate parts but both hiding in the cold corridors of rock.One of them being a somewhat secret lair of evil cult who wishes to destroy anything that is good . While the other faction , a pack of wolves that hold themselves as a family of sorts simply because they are able to become beasts whenever they channel their energy.

Smaller groups like the fae (fairies) and mermaids are of neighboring souls as one is on the surface and the other under ground of them. The fae have colourful living spaces with tents and small wooden huts decorated or overgrown by the fauna of the forest.
Mermaids made home of the ruins of an ancient small city that was once the surface, overgrown in the moss and kelps the ruins still stood there as the mermaids created their

Concept art 











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