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EGX – 2017

Was one of the biggest gaming events I’ve been and had a good insight , talked to a couple of developers and of course tried out the games that will be coming out through out the year

Let them come


“Let them come” is a fast paced shoot ’em up games in pixel art style. The player is Rock Gunar , mercenary for hire. The task at hand is to survive the day while taking on and killing aliens on the ship.

Mechanics of the game are simple enough to understand and quickly get into , takes a bit of game-play to be able to last long in the missions. Overall a fun game to somewhat mindlessly play and kill time.


De Mambo


De Mambo is The Dangerous Kitchen groups first game that lets players up to four play a similar game like bomber-man on PC. The players compete in various levels picked out and after a while the level itself pushes the players to compete for survival. As Nintendo switch being a new console in on sale not many games are developed but for a party game this could easily be an option.

Visually it was another pixel design game that fitted in nicely with vibrant colors and the interesting designs of levels. de-mambo-game-header-1024x379-720x266


Gang beasts was a great game where the aesthetic of it was simple and the goal even simpler, get rid of the competition and be the best at beating your opponents with fists and possibly throwing them down.







In The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, players take on the role of Geralt of Rivia as he roams the Northern Kingdoms and battles often magical threats, i.e. monsters, in an open world setting. It was important, therefore, that the launch cinematic reflect the ‘dark and haunting’ atmosphere of CD Projekt RED’s game.

Multiple years in development and multiple aritsts put to work on concepting the highly recommended game in the past few years. Visually stunning and environmentally beautiful game where there are multiple of diverse regions in their lands,ecosystem people. The concept of the players choices will have consequences through out the game, letting the players achieve multiples of endings depending highly on the choices.

Through out the process multiple references of places , nature were taken of multiple locations.And concept art drawn to fit the theme of medieval ages close to perfect from the characters, the buildings and how people were like the only difference is the presence of magic and its users plaguing or saving the lands. Mythical beings of various lores combined into the open world game.

In the game itself there are plenty of common characters that have their own little perks of maidens talking about the weather or any other topics assigned to them , the men maybe talking about a hunt, weapons being too heavy or little things that the witcher may over hear and start on a mini quest or find points of interest.

As any game it all starts with the ideas and concept art , pitching the idea and collecting references/locations to set the games mood.

“For the most part, the quest content dictated the size of the world, not the other way around,” said level designer Miles Tost. “We didn’t just start with a huge world and go ‘well, let’s see how we can fill this one up.’ This probably helped us to not end up with a world that feels artificially bloated just for the sake of size.”

“The quest team would look at it [the world] and think how many quests we should prepare to provide enough entertaining content to fill these levels,” said Szamałek. “Sometimes, we’d have to adjust a certain part of the world that felt too big or too small and react accordingly.”

Another main thing that the developer and their team worked on was the sounds and to give the realistic feel of even the smallest things as soldiers walking. In live action medieval tournaments sound clips would be collected,later one edited and implemented into the game.

Through motion capture cameras on the actors many emotions were captured and then rendered later on. Through multiple more renders and processes the final product that people play is released. The Project Red team worked in multiple teams on different things in the game to bring it to the great game that it is. Sounds , weather changes , character developments as most characters that Geralt Rivia meets is unique in its design and actions. A lot of time also was spent on the actual world development , on the little points of interest , little details that most players would’ve most likely missed through out their first playthroughs.

Facial capture.

Geralt progression.






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