Research FMP

EGX – 2017

Was one of the biggest gaming events I’ve been and had a good insight , talked to a couple of developers and of course tried out the games that will be coming out through out the year

Let them come


“Let them come” is a fast paced shoot ’em up games in pixel art style. The player is Rock Gunar , mercenary for hire. The task at hand is to survive the day while taking on and killing aliens on the ship.

Mechanics of the game are simple enough to understand and quickly get into , takes a bit of game-play to be able to last long in the missions. Overall a fun game to somewhat mindlessly play and kill time.


De Mambo


De Mambo is The Dangerous Kitchen groups first game that lets players up to four play a similar game like bomber-man on PC. The players compete in various levels picked out and after a while the level itself pushes the players to compete for survival. As Nintendo switch being a new console in on sale not many games are developed but for a party game this could easily be an option.

Visually it was another pixel design game that fitted in nicely with vibrant colors and the interesting designs of levels. de-mambo-game-header-1024x379-720x266


Gang beasts was a great game where the aesthetic of it was simple and the goal even simpler, get rid of the competition and be the best at beating your opponents with fists and possibly throwing them down.







In The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, players take on the role of Geralt of Rivia as he roams the Northern Kingdoms and battles often magical threats, i.e. monsters, in an open world setting. It was important, therefore, that the launch cinematic reflect the ‘dark and haunting’ atmosphere of CD Projekt RED’s game.

Multiple years in development and multiple aritsts put to work on concepting the highly recommended game in the past few years. Visually stunning and environmentally beautiful game where there are multiple of diverse regions in their lands,ecosystem people. The concept of the players choices will have consequences through out the game, letting the players achieve multiples of endings depending highly on the choices.

Through out the process multiple references of places , nature were taken of multiple locations.And concept art drawn to fit the theme of medieval ages close to perfect from the characters, the buildings and how people were like the only difference is the presence of magic and its users plaguing or saving the lands. Mythical beings of various lores combined into the open world game.

In the game itself there are plenty of common characters that have their own little perks of maidens talking about the weather or any other topics assigned to them , the men maybe talking about a hunt, weapons being too heavy or little things that the witcher may over hear and start on a mini quest or find points of interest.

As any game it all starts with the ideas and concept art , pitching the idea and collecting references/locations to set the games mood.

“For the most part, the quest content dictated the size of the world, not the other way around,” said level designer Miles Tost. “We didn’t just start with a huge world and go ‘well, let’s see how we can fill this one up.’ This probably helped us to not end up with a world that feels artificially bloated just for the sake of size.”

“The quest team would look at it [the world] and think how many quests we should prepare to provide enough entertaining content to fill these levels,” said Szamałek. “Sometimes, we’d have to adjust a certain part of the world that felt too big or too small and react accordingly.”

Another main thing that the developer and their team worked on was the sounds and to give the realistic feel of even the smallest things as soldiers walking. In live action medieval tournaments sound clips would be collected,later one edited and implemented into the game.

Through motion capture cameras on the actors many emotions were captured and then rendered later on. Through multiple more renders and processes the final product that people play is released. The Project Red team worked in multiple teams on different things in the game to bring it to the great game that it is. Sounds , weather changes , character developments as most characters that Geralt Rivia meets is unique in its design and actions. A lot of time also was spent on the actual world development , on the little points of interest , little details that most players would’ve most likely missed through out their first playthroughs.

Facial capture.

Geralt progression.






FMP (Drow translator)


Lolth (pronounced LOALTH), or Lloth in Menzoberranzan,known as the Queen of Spiders or the Queen of the Demonweb Pits, was the most influent goddess of the drow, within the pantheon of the Dark Seldarine.

She drove the drow into heavy infighting under the pretense of culling the weak, while her real goals were to hold absolute control over the dark elves, prevent the rise of alternative faiths or ideas, and avoid complacency (even though she found amusement in the strife that plagued her followers’ communities).  However, in the long run her influence proved to be an obstacle to the growth and success of the drow, preventing them from unifying against common enemies or for a common cause.

(Other drow gods that may be followed apart from Lloth


By drow teachings ( those who follow Lloth instead of realizing the lies of their people and try to escape ) were taught and believed that the surface elves are the evil ones and so is every race that are not drow. Propaganda of the surface elves driving the drow down under when it was the elven gods in-fight which was  Lloth in the end to drive the drow underground and take total control of their lives.
The sun would burn their ebony skin as soon as it made contact that is why most of the raids that would happen to the surface would mainly executed through evening and nights when drow have the advantage and see in the dark.

From a young age drow are used to being treated poorly as obedience to the matron is the main thing for them to know. Apart from that drow mainly go through Sorcere which is the school of magic to learn basic survival skills and magic needed for them to know. Females continue their studies for many years to eventually serve their house as a priestess of Lloth and in time overtake the Matron mother either form her dieing of age or executing the matron at a perfect time.

Drow also look a blind eye to those families who execute another families death without leaving any witnesses , or kills in general if someone saw you killed a person you will be taken account for your deed and most likely killed , possibly their family too because of the brought shame.

Those drow who are of royal or noble blood (mostly females)  are adopted into new families while the males either sold into labor/used as breeders/sacrificed. Until adopted into the new family they do not have a last name for example Alauna of house Haelka would be Alauna of House no worth mentioning.

Because of them living in the underdark drow are mainly excellent hunter as they see in the dark (because of their natural infra-vision) and years of practice to sense enemies and their heat signatures , to know what they’re coming up against, hearing their footsteps and etc.

Look wise most drow have dark ebony skin with some variations of tint to it from purple to blue and even brown-ish. White hair is the main feature that sets them apart from other elven sub-classes and just like elves drow are not able to grow facial hair like beards , their hair ( for women and men ) show their nobility and age.

(Most of this information was collected by reading the R.A. Salvatores books)



As a digital novel game is it normal to have possible multiple endings depending on the choices of the player. Through out the process multiple characters would be introduced and had some kind of connection is one or two main characters. In this one the main character being a dark elf that escaped the underdark and has her own little events and adventures with her brother.Through out the games process there would be multiple of one time event pictures to make it more than just multiples of expressions and running text.

Up to 10 individual characters and a few minor ones that would be important to the story that surrounds the drow on the surface and the world around them.

Main inspiration for the project were R.A. Salvatores books about a family Do’Urden their youngest prodigy son Drizzt Do’Urden that managed to escape the underdark and live a hard life but the one that fitted him and his non-llothian ways.

Another major inspiration was for a short while starting to do text based role-play as fantasy characters and making stories along the way with new people, getting into funny situations.

Surface world : Upresh where all kinds of races and walks of life beings and humans live in somewhat of an harmonious life.

Guild / Neutral parties within the ‘kingdom’ :

Umbra Mortalis – Assassins / Mercenary group that was created by Greyraen , Alauna and few other members.Specializing in working for the coin no matter the job as long as it did not involve killing one of their own.

Roisinthorn – Human kingdom mainly sheltering humans or elves or other kind of beings that renown their race and serve the queen.

Atropa – The cultists of the realm as their sole purpose is to wreak havoc among the lands

Wolves – Lykins/ Werevolves that are somwhat of a neutral party in the lands apart from their egos being hurt by others.

Mages – Where people come and seek out help of the mages of the realm , learn magics that the Archmages can provide.

Alaunanfein Haelka 


Alaunanfein Haelka ( Powerful seer – name meaning )

“As drows ever since we are young , we are taught things , blatant lies fed to us to believe…”

Alauna grew up in the A’Daragon family among a couple of sisters and twin brothers Shri’Vyrae ( Vyr )and Greyraen (Grey ). Being youngest of the bunch Alauna was not as looked after and luckily the weanmother ( Nanny of sorts ) kept Alauna from believing these lies and drown in the same tar as most if not all family members along with the rest of Menzoberranzan.

During her young days she would do her duties as a young drow along with her weanmother in hand but also sneak out and see or ever try and spar with her way older brothers. Until the house was destroyed , the daughters being taken in into other houses to live while the males of the family sent into slavery for another matron. Vyr being used as a breeding slave while Grey worked the physical labour part of slavery , clearing the tunnels but along that time learning of possible escape routes. Years later Vyr and Grey escaped into the surface to start their new life while Alauna was still in the Underdark during that time.

Alauna during her teen years in the end became a priestess of Lloth and helped with the Haelka families survival.On the side Alauna would visit the families weapon master Minryaen Haelka and learned the ways of a drow warrior as he also helped to train the soldiers on a daily basis. During those years the young drowess gained trust surprisingly among the soldiers of the family and the weapons master wanting to overthrow Matron Rizryne. Older matrons that came to see the defeated matron and her daughters and servants were found all around the houses walls and in the main room , matron Rizryne was found in her throne , a knife in her heart and her facial expression bared of one of disbelief. Priestesses near the throne also stabbed and it seems blinded easily with some use of magic, a well executed attack.After the attack was complete and successful , the house that soon become forgottens survivors escaped the city , some into the caves to find the dark dwarfes and leave to the surface , Alauna branched off to the slavers routes and for a few years more looked for some clues about her brothers. Within some time Alaunanfein heard stories of 2 noble drow rebelling to an extent and then escaping towards the surface. The information had some dust on it by the time the woman heard it but it was a lead, something better and more solid than she had had for some years before that in the house of no worth mention.

Greyraen & Vyr

Big brother along with Vyr of Alauna ( along with other sisters of course ) from a young age the twins went through the Sorcere along with a few sisters and learning how to fight from the weapon master of the house along with the soldiers trained under him. Years later as the weapons master passed away Vyr and Grey trained on their own until the grave day happened when they were sold into slavery by the matron mother of the house they belonged to Vyr was used by another matron mother to breed more drow daughters into the family , a personal sex slave. Greyraens fate was different as he worked for the matron with hard labor around the house in doing chores or risking his life at times in doing scouting with other parties. Years later the twins ran and escaped from the Underdark landing in the lands of Haanadir. Grey had ownership of  a tavern in the heart of the city and received slight disgust towards humans and other races to the things that would happen, not all of course. A human Elizabeth that was a main barkeep was in alright terms with the drow even if she would toss gold coins at the mans head almost daily while she worked there. On that time Vyr went missing , possibly died to the roaming monsters around the lands or killed due to a nasty fight that he might’ve been apart of.
After the tavern that was later given to Elizabeth to run Grey started to drink and the human helped the male to get rid of that need, at least a little. As he set of to continue traveling the lands the reached Upresh where he became the Elven Queen Opals main guard and other things as time went by.

Most of the other characters grew up in the lands of Upresh in different walks of life. As commoners and learning more about themselves and learning to use magic, getting into groups of various alignments and in some way or the other meeting the drow or not..

Rogmesh being a full bloodied ork but learned the ways of the humans in a long time and worked for the queen as her personal guard.

Opal a elven queen inheriting the crown through her mother that eventually died of old age , for an elf.

Drowess fighting Rogmesh the orc

In difficult times when humans and elves had conflicting ideals , their leaders not able to make a compromise the people under them suffer some of the consequences of their peoples rulers. A strong orc Rogmesh Ugosha wondered the mystical forest where the elves mainly resided looking for fresh blood so to speak…The orc having some honor on the matter did not draw his weapon towards the drowess that stood with her back towards the open lands ,standing guard but also enjoying the beauty of the surface world.
“Turn around drow.” Rog spoke in a gruff low voice , cracking the shoulders slightly. “You know why I am here , turn around and fight.” his voice sounding threatening, angry; as the drowess took a drag of a smoke hearing the familiar voice her body shifted with a small smirk, her eyes still not completely adjusted to the light of day but enough to see the orc clearly.
“Came back so soon…?” Alauna smirked with half of her lips while the other side bitten into the cigarette before it was discarded on the ground and her drowess’ blades unsheathed and ready “Finally some fun”she added, her voice sounded excited to fight a stronger enemy and with high hopes to defeat such a monster.

The giant orc chuckled in his low voice as if mocking the brave attempt of Alauna to fight back “See , I have honor…Let you prepare” the orc spoke and took out the the axe .Without wasting any more time the orc dashes towards the smaller frame and smites down the axe to the ground like lighting yet the drowess’ agility saved her there and dodged the lethal attack. Now standing behind the man Alauna let out a small whistle as where the axe was deep in the ground half way buried, the orc was here not to play at all…
“Knew you were a feared opponent if you’ve defeated my brother one on one” she said before lunging forward towards Rogmesh. Her blades practically itching for blood but bounces back as it meets the armor that covered the males body.The tall opponent simply laughed at the attempt.
“Nice try small fry, aim for a place not covered in armor” he said smirking and showing his orc tusks before swinging his axe through the womans chest and with ease slashes the fabric along with opening a wound across drowess’ chest. Taken aback by the attack Alauna stumbled slightly and places her hand that held one of the blades in disbelief and saw her own dark blood leaving her body before the immense pain kicked in.Couple of grunts left her mouth muttering something to herself as if tiny curse words in drow were heard but not understood, before her light would go out from bleeding Alauna attempted yet again to attack the orc fighter but quickly was blocked ,slowly her time and luck running out.
“I dont want to kill you. Just send a message to your queen that I do not joke”
Alauna screamed in pain as the axe came down on her shoulder ,gladly the wound was not as deep thanks to the shoulder pad but still deep enough, on her knee clutching the wound ,wanting to continue to run, to survive another day but shakes off that feeling and lunges forward to the orc man with her other shoulder knocking the giant on the ground and Alauna being on top of him. With some hope regained it soon vanished at the orc grabbed the neck of the drowess , rolled both of them , switching their position and yelled out in his low and raspy voice.
“You will not win weakling” his fingers gripping the neck , putting more force towards the grasp. Female rogue coughed a couple of times , head thrashing to the sides, gasping for air before some words left with her last breaths “I..Am not…My brother” . Final breath left the womans body, going limp, unconscious and still in a grave state as blood stained the green grass pouring from the wounds.
The orc stood up with a painfull groan and swayed to the sides slightly , regaining his composure looking down on the drow and giving Alaunas lifeless body a toothy grin “I’ll admit you’re good but not good enough…” as those words left his mouth he picked up his axe that was discarded on the grass and went back to report to his Queen.

 Fight for the mount Grey


For the while when Grey lived in the lands of Upresh , he became somehow fond of a little hill where the farmlands were easily looked over and the Roisinthorns castle seemed like an unapproachable giant versus the single drow.

As the younger sister noticed it as a joke over the night crafted a small castle out of the magic she learned over the years in the Sorcere, a simple illusion casted on the hill with a flag signifying it was her work. As the day flew by Greys time to be on the hill approached closer and she was waiting for him eagerly , she knew he would not be happy in the slightest but for her it was just a little bit of fun. The drowess stood there proudly but slightly bored smoking on her cig until Grey emerged.
“What in the…” the words left his mouth in slight shock and disbelief that his sister would even /try/ to attempt such a prank.The older drow let out a groan and pointed at the flag “I challenge you , for this hill. Here and now.” he looked at his sister with a serious facial expression while the smaller one only looked back with a wide grin and an attempt to control herself before she burst out into a laughing fit”Remove the flag, and we can call it a day. If not I will make you wish you accepted.” grinning and revealing his self filed teeth. Alauna snorted a couple of times , such fun to her was like an enigma, so unknown but greatly needed. Small bits and pieces of laughter escaped finally covering her mouth that it would not grow worse “How do you want to do this dalninuk?”(Dalninuk- Brother in drow lang.)
The question of hers sounded so innocent but with a devious intent behind it , to get that hill.Grey after her question stepped up towering over her by a good head grinned himself showing off the fanged cavity before speaking up “First one to reach the bottom of the hill is the loser” he stated before taking a step back and spreading his arms wide , cocky and arrogant as ever that bastard. “Come now , do you think you have what it takes?Give me your best shot, let’s see if you can steal /my/ hill.” He grinned at her now , enjoying the bit of competition himself now. Alauna was glad that her brother finally got over the little bit of anger he had and exchanged it for a smile , the other one hummed and smiled again realizing that
“No hard feelings whatever may happen”Alauna grinned at him.”No hard feelings” he repeated he laughed before soon enough she female lunged at him , shoulder first towards his stomach to table him down, make him tumble and make it easy for her but it did not go as she may have planned as Grey twirled to the side as the master assassin that he claims to be and avoided the tackle.With a turn the male drow turned around and with a swift kick to her bottom that sent her just making her fall down , in a few seconds flat the she stood up and patted the kicked part as she pouted at him but enjoying this little sibling exchange, she was not going to concede so quickly , with the switft and graceful movement the drowess moved around Grey , he saw her but no movements were taken to stop her as she yanked as hard as she could to put Grey on the ground as he previously did to her.Thinking that she will fail Grey was overfilled with cockiness and sent to the ground. In that moment Alaunas face was smiling as her brother quickly he use the momentum to throw himself on the side. Twisting with a fair bit of power, his leg leading the charge and swiped the leg to catch her off guard with a kick which almost worked but yet again Alauna was on the ground laying close to him as she started to laugh and swatted her face aimlessly , trying to hit him in the face but simply patted the grass around both of them as she laughed.
“We could share the hill.” she said with laugher not leaving her.Both of them cocky and not wanting to give in.
“There would only if I said so!” he grinned at her and rolled to the side again , springing on his feet as Alauna still on the ground having her laugh before she could realise Grey was towering above her again with a wicked grin he said “Now get off my hill” he yelled out with a chuckle and kicked her side as if kicking a carpet to unroll but it was the drowess simply rolling off the hill as her defeat was imminent , her brother was stronger than her.
Alauna rolled down as she giggled and climbed back up just a little bit later “Deal is a deal” taking the tiny castle illusion again and the actual flag that was materialized and breaking it in two showing the remains the flag. “There, happy?” she asked approaching him “I am indeed, and quite amazing art.” he commended on the way she managed to pain her smiling face on it. As she came close she patted him gently on the face with her wide grin , grass stuck in her hair but happy.
. “Have her home before the moon rises!” he laughed at Alauna and kissed the younger sister on her forehead before leaving to have the alone time with the hill he allowed.
“Dalninuuuuuk~” she called out with her arms spread to the sides”You hurt me greatly” said with a overreacting tone of voice “give me a brotherly hug” she added in the end but to no avail he was already gone



The world

The lands themselves depending on where one would travel would be filled with green fields and thick forests getting closer to the elven home. The Mages guild hidden somewhere in the forest as the building stood tall out of old brown bricks , in some places the green would peak out and grew on it. The elves had in short tree houses or well almost a sort of city built , with the main buildings hugged by the trees of the forest (of course not naturally) , a hall for the elven queen , library and others…
Human castle was up high the mountain with a path leading up to it past a village of commoners that lived and worked the lands. In the castle itself gold and red would rule the color scheme with the cold gray walls. Fancy dance balls would occur inside of these walls , king coronations and of course schemes against the enemies of humans.
The commoner grounds were filled with huts and small patches of field to work on , daily labor was seen those who watched or walked past. A tavern or two stood near the coastal part of the city, small farmer market tents stood from day to day and sold their goods to get by their lives or travel further into other cities and sold their merchandise there.
Some of the caves around the lands would be occupied by the Atropa / Wolves of course in separate parts but both hiding in the cold corridors of rock.One of them being a somewhat secret lair of evil cult who wishes to destroy anything that is good . While the other faction , a pack of wolves that hold themselves as a family of sorts simply because they are able to become beasts whenever they channel their energy.

Smaller groups like the fae (fairies) and mermaids are of neighboring souls as one is on the surface and the other under ground of them. The fae have colourful living spaces with tents and small wooden huts decorated or overgrown by the fauna of the forest.
Mermaids made home of the ruins of an ancient small city that was once the surface, overgrown in the moss and kelps the ruins still stood there as the mermaids created their

Concept art 










VR/AR Project

Through the years games gained more and more recognition and even became a massive industry in the span of 20 years or so, because of that partially big game companies had influences with their previously successful games but also game advertising and the ability to show the public the product and in a way ‘seduce’/entice them in buying the game or pre-ordering it whenever possible.

One of the major names that could be mentioned is “Konami” that since 1998 released the Metal Gear Solid(first for the Playstation then branched out to PC over the years) games that still to this day is a somewhat successful franchise. The main person for this stories creation is Hideo Kojima that on its own today is well known and has a big following because of his MGS story and games but also on his new project “Dead Stranding”.
As internet was not as popular then , the main source of advertising about the game and showcasing it were game specific magazines that covered the game , gave honest opinions and reviewed it.
Product placements were also used in order to advertise the game , at least in Japan. Keith Sutherland being the voice actor for Solid Snake in order to advertise it was in a couple of projects in doing so one of them were Japanese advertisements.

In Metal Gear:Peace Walker there were multiple ads in the game added as easter eggs, for example Mountain Dew and Doritos that till this day still is more or less said to be the “gamers friends” in a joking manner. In Kojimas games also there is no suprise that Playboy was added as in other games minor easter eggs of cut outs of women can be found through the game.

In Metal gear solid 4 , Hideo Kojima made a character outfit that was of  Altaïr Ibn-La’Ahd from the Ubisofts Assassins Creeds franchise , which later Ubisoft did the same in Assassins Creed :Brother hood repaying this small easter egg mention between the companies and the studios that worked on both of the games.



Yoji Shinkawa is the briliant concept artist that gave character to Hideo Kojimas vision and started off the making process.

The game itself started off spreading word through different kinds of media in Japan first before possibly getting a license have a American release (later in 1998) and in Europe (early 1999). It being recognized as one of the most important and best games if that time. Because of the success the game has received from the public. The game is widely considered to be one of the best PlayStation games, and has featured in numerous greatest video games ever lists by GameFAQs, Japanese magazine Famitsu, Entertainment Weekly, Game Informer, GamePro, Electronic Gaming Monthly, and GameTrailers.

Yoji Shinkawa is the briliant concept artist that gave character to Hideo Kojimas vision and started off the making process.His work was used initially to make posters or ads for the series at first but later was changed into rendered mesh models of Snake as shown bellow over the span of almost 2 decades.



VR past to now

Sensorama- In early 1960s Morton Heilig created a prerecorded film that was able to capture the audio in stereo educing binaural sound effect and to add to it would be the experience of outside forces like wind , scent and etc.As it was first of its kind the person would only be able to be a viewer but not interact with the visuals shown to them.

The Ultimate Display – Later in 1960s Ivan Sutherland came out with a fabricated world concept that included interactive graphics along with the previously developed experiences like scent , sound and other. Sutherland over that time developed a device that was also captured stereo sounds and first of its kind where head tracking was captured.

Through the years there were many more prototypes of VR inclusing VCASS (1982) , VIVED (1984) , BOOM (1989) until in the 2000s the VR became more manageable and easier to produce by multiple of companies. With success one of the first to be immersive was Oculus rift headset , once they came out there were predictions for many bugs and problems occurring with the Oculus and would not be released for the public for a while later.The headset would show the visuals captured in real time and some would be interactive. Headset itself though still heavy and weights the face down , hurts the persons nose if used for a long time.
In the past few years big companies like Samsung , HTC , Steam , Microsoft. With various degrees of success the headsets have gained recognition among Twitch streamers, Youtubers to show more in depth ( to an extent ) how the headset works along with playing the games that are available with one headset or another.
In the future the VR headsets will hopefully be lighter and easier for the normal consumer to purchase and use , extend the uses for them from being mainly centralized towards the gaming communities.


Moodboards of game concept ideas / Minor treatments


Tavern game concept where the player depending what ale or cider or any other drink they have they see different things in front of them and would have a threshold in drunkenness, drink too quick you still pass out , prolong the drink and you may see fun things.

Moodboard_NRW_Illusions .jpg

[ Full view : ]

Working Title –  The intruder

Genre – Game concept / Video

Duration – Video itself 20-ish seconds.

Target Audience – Small audience of young adolescences and range to mid 20s. 

Outline – You are an intruder in a system of a ginormous computer as it asks you questions it seeps into your brain , seeks out your fears and projects them towards you , wants you to disappear , leave or be corrupted by the system. The player either chooses to continue to go through the nightmare or opt out and end it. 

Character Breakdown – No specific name/gender/looks/voice chosen. 

Visual Elements / Mise en Scene- VR type of movement , free movement of the head or hands to reach out towards something or the illusions that are thrown at you by the system.

Audio – Ambient sounds , crashes, glitches , cracks vivid colours. 

Rationale – Close to none apart from some basic knowledge in zbrush that may be of use along the way. 

Constraints and Contingency – Everything. 

Budget – My own lifespan. 

Schedule – A long time as I am but one person.

Ragnarok game concept idea


The old myths of the North [ ]

The idea was mainly inspired by a couple of sources that are the “Vikings” (2013-) show aired on the History channel but also by Dan Abnetts book “Prospero burns” (2011) from the “Horus Heresy” series from the Warhammer 30k universe. These factors gave an idea during the readings of the book as one of the characters was a skjald that took account of various fighters and their kills to be re-told another day by the fire and ale. The “Vikings” show play in the idea was that the main character with a a fire told the old stories of their gods they follow to scare his children before dusk.

Group work progress / Work seperation:

Viktorija – Storyboard , filming, editing.
Evelina – Idea development , drawing , concept art, voice-over recording.

Both of us separated the work as we were better at the matters then the other, first week we sat together we looked through my ideas and decided on which one will be worked on. Created concept art , read through some lore to have a better grasp of what were making and continued to plan other details for the project.


Project tittle “Stories of the Dark” that is somewhat of a storytelling/ flashback VR/AR game inspired by the Nordic myths that should last for 15 to 20 seconds. Outline of the idea would be that over the years would it be teenagers or kids with time further themselves from reading would it be just fairy tale stories or myths and indulge themselves in technology more than a book, to change that some of the Nordic myths of their pantheon would be in the game as the player a simple skjald (remembrancer, poet, account keeper) that keeps accounts of stories either from warriors that he lived with or stories of the past that lingered among their tongues for many years. Having flashbacks and living through those stories the skjald manages to piece together the parts , make the stories scarier to entertain others because only story that others fear are of their interest. The setting of the game would mainly be dark as the player would go through tunnels or caves, faint blue smoldering lights may appear as runes as others speak appear near the skjald until the picture builds in-front of him and he sees the carnage and deaths from those stories. Research would be done from myths, images from various sources and later on used along with our imagination.


Working Title – Stories of the dark

Genre – Game/Video/Vr

Duration – 15 -20sec

Outline – As many know the old stories are forgotten and through this , the player, gets shown the myths about forgotten gods.

Character Breakdown – The player a simple skjald (remembrancer, poet, account keeper) that keeps accounts of stories either from warriors that he lived with or stories of the past that lingered among their tongues for many years. Having flashbacks and living through those stories the skjald manages to piece together the parts , make the stories scarier to entertain others because only story that others fear are of their interest. 

Visual Elements / Mise en Scene- Dark mood, caves , smoldering  small lights,rune writings and etchings, wolf sounds and growls.

Rationale – Because old stories or myths are forgotten either by the natives or others. 

Primary and Secondary Research – Research mainly done by reading up the Ragnarok myths on multiple sites where each told it a little bit differently.

Requirements and resources – Our work and time, camera with lights , drawings and recording of voice over. 

Constraints and Contingency – Problems that may be run into that we by working only as a group of 2 may not be able to finish up the project but one way or another we will have some final product done by the deadline of this project. 

Legal and ethical considerations – No legal or ethical considerations but the product may be shown as a quick advertisement would it be on mobile games,games news pages or as youtube ad to spread the word about the product. 

Budget – No materialistic expenses apart from our own time. 

Schedule – As we come together as a group bit late we had half the time to try and plan things together so the current time constraint is slightly scary to reach.  – To covert common tongue into runes of many kinds – The story of Ragnarok



Skjald- A medieval Scandinavian poet, especially one writing in the Viking age.

You’re a skjald that has been sheltered by a tribe of vikings , it’s taken some time for them you to warm to them as they are merciless killers as other may tell you. Through time and patience you end up considered somewhat one of them, a skjald , their storyteller , keeping accounts of their kills , their stories of their gods to one day re-tell the lore you heard to generations to come or over a warm fire to pass the time.

As you are told stories you have certain types of flashbacks that help you imagine the heroic or tragic scenes you are told by others… Till you wait for your imagination to bloom the character goes through dark corridors etched with runes with the words that the others speak before immersing into the story completely.

Every different story would open different sceneries would it be Ragnarok where many gods fall and the lands are engulfed by the dark waters or simple stories of Thor or any other gods that are told to you.

The specific flashback that scares you comes along with the story of Ragnarok , the ferocious Fenrir ,a god who engulfed the sun and moon is out for blood during those times find you and “toy” with you like with food first before disappearing into nothingness as it is in the end only your imagination.

“You are our skjald , the keeper of stories from yore. You’ve experienced wars , deaths , fallen gods reborn and now it is your time to scare us with what you’ve seen. “

Final Art and Concept Art 



The overall process of the project had a rough start as for most of the time a handful of people did not have a group. Started making as an individual to think of idea for the possible project(s) but the Nordic one seemed the maybe more interesting option out of them and most manageable to produce.Along the way I started working with Viktorija and we managed to work together as I made some of the art of the Fenrir as he was engulfing the sun and moon , Nordic gods profiles and those that were involved in the Ragnarok story and so did she.In the later weeks filmed the short takes in the green screen room but also a tunnel scene to give a sense of reality to the promo, they were necessary for the promo. As the editing process started record a couple of takes of a voice-over , extra drawings done and in the end Viktorija did her best  to make the promo video.




Noire ideas [Update]

=Story 1=

=Noir Idea that is going to be used=

Cop:D. Kèn (Dustin Kèn)

Gun shop owner:Kurt Abbadon

Suspect:  X

Synopsis: New cop on the job finds the murder location and quickly finds the suspect in a couple hours , receiving praises from the higher ups.

[Need to add more detail, dead ends, more evidences,scenes]

The story would begin with a new cop being introduced into right into the job with a murder case. As the man enters the scene the morgue car leaves with the main detective beefing him in what has happened and the officer decided to go on on his own to possibly find clues that may have been left out further away from the actual murder scene. He walks for some time and notices a bloodied door , making an assumption that the victim was leaning against the door before shooting. The young cop looks around to possibly find the discarded weapon and sees a glock 22 laying on a bunch of trash bags few tens of meters away. He picks up the gun and inspects it himself before going to another fellow officer to ask if there’s a local gun shop near by. With his luck there was. As he moved out to find out more about the possible owner in a gun shop he was greeted with a smile form the other “What brings you here,officer?” the person asks and the officer follows up with a response as he puts the gun on the counter”I need to know more about this glock model and possible buyers.”. The salesman inspects the gun and furrows his brow “22 Glock with .4 rounds standard gun but like this one mine had silver coated barrels”the salesman thinks for a moment” Only sold a few as of recent” as he takes out a book from bellow his counter in front of the officer. The man asks for permission to look through and was given it easily, he scanned through the names and found the buyer of the specific gun. The officer tips his hat with a “Thanks” and leaves the gun shop to meet the killer.


[The trailer would technically end with the officer knocking on the door]
As the officer knocks on the door as a man responds and opens the door the officer asks a few questions about the deceased and the man responds that the man was working under him. The young cop took out the gun to provide as evidence to the man as he stuttered that it couldn’t be his gun as he had his in a drawer, he went to look and it was empty, the cop noticed that and the man in front of him decided to defend himself and start fighting the other. In the end the officer arrested the man for murder and just sent to trial with the evidences that the young police officer uncovered along the way.

Props : Cop outfit (or something resembling it) , Toy gun , a Book with names of gun buyers filled with random names and glock types.

Places: a street with a door( that would be bloodied with something), a “gun” shop location, apartment of the suspect or at least a door with room numbers.


=Story 2=

The worlds greatest detective faces another case that has been following him as a shadow for years but finally decided to show his face. The problem is though that the detective himself cannot invest the case himself, he asks a favour (or well employs) of another detective that he can trust [some name yeh] , a detective that has been shaken up from some past events but got back into her job.

Detective [x] receives an e-mail from the other , their e-mail hidden and covered, because of that the woman thought it was just a joke and went on with her day. Days later getting a call getting asked if she will take the job, for a second she’s taken aback just ’cause she didn’t think it was true at first. [x] stutters but takes the job with pride and looks over the e-mail as soon as she’s back looking into the files that were attached along with it.

She would go to the first case an find evidences that she carefully took upon herself to collect to figure out the puzzle pieces that the killer is giving them.Every new murder the detective gets a call from the other as he tries to be apart of the case and asks for specific things around the area to lead the female to the right direction in finding the killer. Similar pattern continues as the detective starts to put pieces together about the places , the people and the killing,collecting evidence and trying to put them together covering walls with pictures, information and evidences of the victims(Which will be added later) standing there and trying to figure out the last murder that is supposed to happen soon. (Because numerology and evidences lead to the last killing to be on a specific day but the detective is unsure about the time and what she’s getting herself into)

As the day comes the detective goes into the place where the murder is suppose to happen and waits for the killer.[Trailer would end here]Though as she was suppose to get called ,the signal did not go through and a man entered looking tired but in his hands held a container with gasoline and poured it all over as the detective started to wrestle with him in tries to stop him.On the other end the other detective was worried and sent men to the place she went to and broke the door down as they saw the place in flames. The killer half alive and the female detective with burn marks but not as bad. Got out and the case was solved even if the circumstances weren’t in hers favour to know more of the killer. The male though had a hunch of who it was , her description only supported the thoughts he had of who it was.


=Re-write of story 1=

A new personnel added to the police force, a detective by the name of Dustin Ken.As he was transferred from another city his reputation followed him,people talk that the man has solved many cases while being a detective and has had a keen eye on things for many years now, seeing things that others may miss…Though through those years he has gotten a few enemies , one if specific , a serial killer, that he can’t catch over 3 years now as multiple murders happen and clues are left for him but the pieces are scattered and none of them has yet to make sense.

Through out the years Ken has collected the clues and stashed them separately.  Photos, trinkets, murder reports , his own input from the cases and memos.The first time he ‘met’ with the murderer was few years back as specifically brunette women were murdered and left for the public to see, stab wounds on the chest around the heart but no other signs of assault.Three murders and nobody caught for it but the man never forgot them.

One night though it changed and while  the Detective Ken was in the office received a box with his wife’s ring with blood. Multiple calls towards her were made but no response. It became personal as Dustin rushed back to his apartment and found his wives body holding on to a wine glass filled with her own blood and a little note left under her other palm “You took something of mine.Now I will return the favour.” . Filled with rage Ken spent days mourning his wives death along with alcohol and taking a break from his work. Once the man took a grip on himself he finally dug up the old files he had on the women and his old notes, getting them together on a wall for himself to see, the gruesome pictures, evidences, sticker notes, phone numbers and etc. All of the victims shared the same name Elizabeth and the dark hair color. Ken  finally started re-searching it , meeting along with the men that lost their wives or lovers years back , sadly bringing back old wounds on the surface. Kept getting more information until he slipped into the archives of the police records to find a deceased Elizabeth Rae that was killed years back by Ken while he was still a patrol cop, the woman was running from a murder she committed as he witnessed and was killed on sight(shot from the back into her heart) .No family, no previous records found on her but an old address of her place was on the record and the detective decided to take a visit.
It seemed like the apartment complex was abandoned for a long time but still had a presence of a person lingering , as Dustin found the specific number of the deceased he knocked down the door and hear a voice say :
“Welcome to my parlor , said the spider to the fly” with a laugh.



The Spider and the Fly


Mary Howitt


“Will you walk into my parlor?” said the spider to the fly;
“’Tis the prettiest little parlor that ever you did spy.
The way into my parlor is up a winding stair,
And I have many pretty things to show when you are there.”
“O no, no,” said the little fly, “to ask me is in vain,
For who goes up your winding stair can ne’er come down again.”

“I’m sure you must be weary, dear, with soaring up so high;
Will you rest upon my little bed?” said the spider to the fly.
“There are pretty curtains drawn around, the sheets are fine and thin,
And if you like to rest awhile, I’ll snugly tuck you in.”
“O no, no,” said the little fly, “for I’ve often heard it said,
They never, never wake again, who sleep upon your bed.”

Said the cunning spider to the fly, “Dear friend, what shall I do,
To prove the warm affection I’ve always felt for you?
I have within my pantry good store of all that’s nice;
I’m sure you’re very welcome; will you please to take a slice?”
“O no, no,” said the little fly, “kind sir, that cannot be;
I’ve heard what’s in your pantry, and I do not wish to see.”

“Sweet creature!” said the spider, “You’re witty and you’re wise!
How handsome are your gauzy wings, how brilliant are your eyes!
I have a little looking-glass upon my parlor shelf,
If you’ll step in one moment, dear, you shall behold yourself.”
“I thank you, gentle sir,” she said, “for what you’re pleased to say,
And bidding you good-morning now, I’ll call another day.”

The spider turned him round about, and went into his den,
For well he knew the silly fly would soon be back again:
So he wove a subtle web, in a little corner sly,
And set his table ready to dine upon the fly.
Then he came out to his door again, and merrily did sing
“Come hither, hither, pretty fly, with the pearl and silver wing:
Your robes are green and purple; there’s a crest upon your head;
Your eyes are like the diamond bright, but mine are dull as lead.”

Alas, alas! how very soon this silly little fly,
Hearing his wily flattering words, came slowly flitting by.
With buzzing wings she hung aloft, then near and nearer drew
Thinking only of her brilliant eyes, and green and purple hue;
Thinking only of her crested head — poor foolish thing! At last,
Up jumped the cunning spider, and fiercely held her fast.
He dragged her up his winding stair, into his dismal den,
Within his little parlor; but she ne’er came out again!

And now, dear little children, who may this story read,
To idle, silly, flattering words, I pray you ne’er give heed;
Unto an evil counselor close heart, and ear, and eye,
And take a lesson from this tale of the Spider and the Fly.


week 1 wrote stories , all of us

week 2 presented them, made a horrible presentation,

week 3 had to tell the story to the teacher + getting feedback, re-wrote the story and slowly working on storyboard possibly with the upgraded story.

week 4 getting along with the storyboard , Harry has found few possible props to use but not much communication around the whole group




Video research

Single camera techniques have been used around the start of the 20th century when classical Hollywood cinema started to develop and spread around the United States, this production style is still  widely used in some specific genre TV shows and amateur projects, as many things single camera setups has its perks and flaws as its being implemented while filming  shows/movies/short projects.

The perks of said setup can be that it uses less budget than a multi-camera setup which contrast the single camera setup and is mostly used while filming live concerts,events (that are filmed in real-time and everything is filmed in one take without a possibility to stop it midway and alter the footage),high-end shows that require multiple angles of the same shot.Though using such setup also requires multiple lights for the cameras to capture in the same lighting and quality.This setup also uses a bigger audience of worker to manage the cameras, live editing by the director for cut queues or to switch between cameras in real time to capture specific scenes, face expressions, movement.This method of production also uses a bigger budget caused by the extra staff required to manage everything that the recording would go smoothly atop of the counted budget for the scene(s)/actors/props/equipment already required for the production. Those would be some of the hurdles smaller production companies or groups could come across while trying to make a small budget project that is why single camera is used more commonly and is less expensive not requiring a vast amount of equipment, staff and other.

Single camera setup as mentioned requires a smaller group of staff to manage things though it takes more time to record as everything is done by using one camera and possibly multiple lighting setups for a same level light around the scene (depending on the scene of course).The production may take a longer time but is also thought out more thoroughly  as specific angles could be pre-thought(or sketched to give a feel of how the end product should look like) before filming and captured later on by the cameraman/director of the project.However the flaw of the single camera is that again time is consumed quickly by it as everything can be from only  one angle at a time which for example :a simple conversation that a few actors can have would have to be shot multiple times if different angles are necessary, exhausting the actors and staff in the process. Though this process is considered more creatively liberating as the director is able to thing is ways to portray monotone camera angles that others would use and tell a story a clear through interesting angles and perspectives.



(Scenes from Edgar Wrights movie “Hot Fuzz” (2007), Simon Pegg as one of the lead actors)

The ability to tell a story with such angles separate good directors from mundane ones as they fully use the scenes from quick cuts,zooms, things entering/leaving frames in different ways or things popping into frame without being noticed by the actors. Such angles and care to detail makes the movie more interesting and stand out from the other movies as it is noticed in American movies as of late boring frames are captured as characters talk over some problem instead of letting the scenes tell the story instead.

Ferris Bueller’s Day off

Film made in 1986 directed and written by John Hughes and Matthew Broderick playing the lead character Ferris Bueller. An American comedy where the main character as the audience sees tends to break the fourth wall from time to time as he explains his inner thoughts throughout the movie.

As it may not be a single camera product but it can be used easily for explaining the camera shots used in here as they use in other movies.

One of the example in the diversity in the movie would be the differences between the shown moods in the settings of Ferris Bueller and his friend Cameron.


The shown differences between Ferris and Camerons visual moods show their state of health as Cameron is actually home and sick with napkins and pills scattered around the room and tucked in bed while on the other hand Ferris faked his sickness and is relaxing as much as he can, pretending to be in a relaxing, Hawaiian environment type to place (as many think of relaxation and instantly think if Hawaii) . The music tunes also change as scenes change between the characters dialogue ,Cameron- low pitch,slow and somewhat melancholic music to show how the character state of feeling and pain while as a contrast Buellers music was chosen to be a relaxed ukulele tune just to further show that Ferris is healthy,cheerful and relaxing while having fun with his own day off.

Multiple scenes throughout the movie where schoolkids sit in class sleeping, zoning out and “paying attention” to class have more unsaturated palette and silence in a way showing that it’s boring and monotone.To contradict such place  Ferris’ environment was light and colorful (his room decor along with his clothes and music in the background).

In some scenes where a dramatical queues are necessary they’re “short and sweet” as a quick pan from the nurses feet to her worried face and concerned body language shows as something bad approaches ,the next scene goes back to a silent class as the nurse enters and brings the bad news to one of the students. In other more comical scenes music follows along and “shadows” the characters actions to further make fun of the situation.


The movie itself may not have the in depth scenes and cuts where the story is told itself as multiple scenes run through (Like in Edgar Wrights directed pieces) but it is nicely done with the choices of capturing the scenes with pan camera movement,short scene cuts, switching the moods environment,colors or music, well placed musical queues to signify something serious or comedical, capturing the characters facial expressions and framing to show off the background and locations where the characters are as the story progresses along with character development.



Trailer park boys

“Three petty felons have a documentary made about their life in a trailer park.”

A Canadian mockumentary television series that had a successful run from 2001 till today with multiple series of the original “Trailer park boys”. Series created and directed by Mike Clattenburg , his work gained recognition and was shown in Adult Swim and Netflix (Multiple Trailer park boys series).

Story mainly revolves around a group of residents (who were ex-convicts) living in a trailer park and documenting their misadventures. Residents Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles try to get by on their daily lives doing petty crimes trying to get money and avoid the police at all cost.Most of the episodes turn out badly for the group as seasons may start as how everything is going well and optimistic for the group and then in the next seasons start they show how their plans crumbled and they returned to zero.

The show itself as it was started early 2000s not a large crew was used and a single camera setup was used in a way like reality TV shows where cameras follow the actors around. In the show itself the quality is amateur with the camera mans hands shacking giving it some authenticity. Throughout the series character dialogues may range from medium to long shots , characters point of view but filmed somewhere further from the present theme,zoom-ins on the actors faces as they may speak of a serious matter or a pun.





People partaking as characters in this series at least in the first seasons still make a mild rookie mistake by averting their eyes into the camera as they should talk to the person in front of them but also could be a way to break the fourth wall and involve we watcher to be in the camera mans shoes and be apart of the misadventures. Additional lighting  throughout the series is barely used in most cases the natural light either outside or the lighting that is used in the facilities they film in are used , only during night time extra lighting is required. Camera capture is limited to a small range while in a scene , not extending towards unnecessary distractions and kept towards the main problem that one of the characters are facing.



Malcolm in the Middle

American sitcom directed and created by Linwood Boomer in early 2000s till 2006 for the Fox Broadcasting Company

The story that the show follows is the life of afamily who lives in the suburban  fictional Tri-County area.Four brothers :Dewey, Malcolm, Reese and the eldest Francis; Francis being the main character most of the things that viewers see are from his perspective.

Being produced in early 2000s a small crew was used to create this piece, single camera setups used throughout the seasons and proved the ability to make a show that became successful by only using one camera and talented actors.The chosen cast were mostly minors but were able to carry out the tasks given to them, would it be learned lines , correctly act out directors wishes for the scene and how to act it out or even concentrate and not distract themselves easily as other minors tend to.

Through out the series as it was a single camera setup took time to shoot scenes and produce the product but along with that a range of shots were used too.The story itself portrays the hectic life of a family with multiple rebellious kids through the multiple seasons of the show,letting the audience would it be parents or kids relate and maybe see themselves in some situations that the director has managed to capture during the production of this series.

As example simple talks around the dinner table , maybe the eldest son brought up during it and the scene instantly can change to Francis’ apology towards his parents, showing the excuses that he has made and hopes to be forgiven for his shenanigans and troubles he has caused. Showing that the shows storyline for the episode isnt completely linear and gives extra contexts for the comical reasons. (Shown minor flashbacks to give context to the viewer , showing the ridiculous things Francis gets himself into and not leaving the viewer in the dark ,giving a chance for them to get a laugh from the situation)



Other scenes may include Malcolm giving his point of perspective as others don’t hear what he thinks only the viewer knows of his thoughts and plans for the moment.Giving insight of his or other characters lives , daily situations or just calling one or the other brother stupid because of the things that they did.


As a small production similar to the “Trailer park boys” the crew has used a low amount of extra lighting as they ,only by assumption, wanted to make the series as natural and close to reality as possible.


Warburtons animation


Final animation for the brief on Warburtons animation advertisement. While deciding as a group for a theme we could all be able to animate we chose to go with the upcoming Olympic games idea and surround the advertisement around that and got to create our own story concept and other.

At the very start a hard arts-block hit and nothing would come to paper in terms of ideas but gradually while sketching and trying out things from normal olympic gear for example fencing swords and the head gear was changed into objects found in the kitchen like a toothpick and a bit of cheese and a colander , hence showing the “kitchen Olympics”, a natural spot to be for a bagel in a home while competing with other foods to show off its activeness and value as a healthy food.

While creating the characters and scenarios I thought I didn’t do enough storyboarding while wanting to go 5 sport events with the bagel, in the end ended up with only 2. During the creation of the frames of course some things were changed,added or completely remover from the final animation (if looking back to the storyboards). One of the ideas to add a mouse in the animation and hopefully making it more fun but other classmates did not think a mouse would fit so I scrapped that idea and changed it into a chocolate bar instead and continued working on the changed ideas.During the time of producing the animation itself I used a known program that I am used to while drawing which is called Paint-tool Sai  simply because Photoshop was not accessible for me at the time and not a familiar, drew out the backgrounds and the bodies of the characters before going editing them and making a frame-by-frame type of animation(Which ended up being approximately 300-350 frames). After the frames were finished after multiple sleepless nights and time spent during classes I tried the frames to make as gifs online to see if the frames worked alright and no big mistakes were done before moving to “glue” every scene in Adobe After Effect .Created compositions for every separate scene so that in the end I would know which scene goes where and not get scenes mixed up.Used looping and time stretching that the used frames would last longer and that the whole animation wouldn’t end in 5 seconds.

If I possibly had more time or would not have procrastinated as much ,I would have had better quality of the animation possibly line-arted , more details to the overall look on it , maybe added effects or used different angles and not the normal side view that makes the animation literally 2D instead of giving realism to it and more alive.

Overall I am honestly happy with what I have achieved during this brief and found out that I can actually animate a pretty long length animation if worked on constantly. In the future hopefully I will achieve a cleaner look to my current messy art style and stop procrastinating and leaving all the work for the last month to stress over and lose sleep.

10 words for stop animation – letter A + Stop animation video + concept

Ideas + Research

Abyss = Black hole opening and the letter A just disappearing into it

Away = Little  girl sleeping on her pc and messages popping up as she sleeps


Agility (Agile) = stick man running around or something (?)

Attire= Guy tugging on his shirt looking all preppy

Ankh=Anubis raising the ankh up and its shinning light

Age (Ageing) = a lady going from a young girl to a lady

Above= girl looking up ____  and sees a ceiling and written above it

Alert = Snake( From Metal Gear Solid ) being sneaky and red exclamation marks popping up

Axe = A khorne  berserker/follower wielding a chain axeand cutting through the letter A in half ( The Chain axe )


!!!^Download this later!!!


Few examples of Stop animation to use it as references while making the final stop motion for my letter A which Ive chosen to be “Axe”. I used a Khorne Berserker ( from Warhammer 40k universe ) who wields weapons called the chain axes. The idea of the animation itself is that the Berserker tears up the word AXE and the camera goes down shows the weapons that were used for it.




(The concept +storyboard of a Khorne Berserker +Chain axes)






(My Khorne Berserker re-creation)

Around 50 frames , some looped and reversed + text all done in photoshop after effects with the help of my teacher.

The bit of music used in the video is used from the video bellow around 24+ seconds to 34 seconds or so.